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November 21, 2016 in


Any Potter heads here? Guess what! Today you have the chance to combine your favorite things, the Potter universe and big boobs. We have Chloe Goodman to thank for attending the “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” European Film Premiere in London. And she went in a deep cleavage purple dress. Her cleavage is just fantastic with boobs so big that satisfy even the beast in you… And we get a preview of her nipples with pokies ripping through the fabric! The beauty revealed her legs as well and bent a little to prove she also has a good looking ass. But we knew that already! 🙂

She certainly is not shy, I mean some of you might recognize her from the Big Brother show or other public outings where she proudly presented her assets. Heck, you can even check her out in our gallery here! We are lucky she could come once again to our gallery after a nasty appendicitis that was misdiagnosed by the doctors. We wish her good health and maybe a wardrobe malfunction next time…I would certainly like to see more boob action!

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November 21, 2016 in


It’s an appropriate name for a place that attracts all sorts of celebrities, the Catch Restaurant in Los Angeles. I had to mention it because beside the Halloween and beach galleries, recently, this joint brought us more hotties in our gallery than any other place or stage. This time, darling Jessica Chastain was seen leaving it in a black dress, looking as beautiful as ever! She has incredibly luscious features with pale skin and ginger hair that make her a favorite of mine and a lot of other people, but on this appearance you can call her chestain!

She had a deep cleavage that makes us focus on her chest mainly, despite that big smile. With such a pretty face, good looking boobs are a bonus not to dismiss. It’s like someone asked you how you want your girl and you could have everything included: the face, the boobs, the body, a feminine touch and hotness that burns your groins… Enough praising, check out the pics and that chest and get back to me…

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November 19, 2016 in

Drew Barrymore wet pokies at the beach in Miami.

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November 19, 2016 in

Iggy Azalea shows her nipples in a wet t-Shirt in GQ Magazine.

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November 18, 2016 in



Ahhh, the beach! It brings out the smallest from the clothes department! And bringing sunshine to our day is Rachael Gouvignon in a red bikini on the beach, in Perth, Australia. She was on The Bachelor Australia and had her heart broken, but I guess even among you there are some willing to comfort her! The whole package is included, big breasts, small waist, toned ass and a need to blow off the steam!

With that body of hers she also broke some hearts as she went for her morning run and workout! You can’t be 31, hot, toned, with the best shape in town without a little workout now, can you!? She jumped in the waves, making sure her bra stays in place all the times. We wouldn’t have minded if she let one boob slip, but it’s good this way also, her tits were perky enough! And let’s not forget her cheeky posterior she covered with a low waist bikini…it feels like it’s almost going down!

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November 17, 2016 in


Oh my God, I have to baptize my computer screen because it’s so dirty! You dirty, dirty girl, Emily! Look at what you make me do! Just keep doing it! ;) Our fav Emily Ratajkowski is topless in a thong swimsuit on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. This beach series surely pays off as we get to see the perfect boobs of Ratjkowski and her ass! What am I saying, looking at the pics and at the way she walks and cups her tits, this feels like a short erotic video of her, unfortunately pussy was not included. But at this point, I don’t even care, I am left speechless!

The short break was welcomed… So this hottie is only 25 and we have to thank one blurred song for bringing her to our attention. She gained a whole lot of attention actually since then and appeared in several erotic magazines. She is a favorite of our galleries and you can always check her here. And if you really want to see more, we have incredible offers of videos or pics where she leaves all clothes behind, to say so… Go get it!

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November 16, 2016 in


Well it is the white season! For some – because of the snow, for us because of Larsa Pippen‘s white swimsuit! She wore it on the beach in Miami where she spent some time away from her divorce from Scottie Pippen, the former basketball player. Regardless of the reasons they broke up, I think he is gonna miss a thing or two about Larsa… Check out the pics and have your say. She is a hot cougar with a perfect body despite being 42  years old and a mother of four.

Just look at the ass shots and tell me you wouldn’t miss / tap that ass! And let us not forget the serious cameltoe visible in all pics… I have a feeling she wore it just to spite every man on the planet! She also has undeniably good looking breasts and the body of a twenty something girl. Just add some lovemaking experience and she is all set to fulfill your dreams! I’ll leave you two now…

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November 16, 2016 in


What can I say, we’ve started a beach series and we couldn’t leave behind Hilary Duff, who was on a romantic vacation in Mexico. The whole reason we’re looking at beaches – you know what I mean – is because there are also bikinis involved, at least… And Hilary wore a pretty colorful one, that looked rather tiny on her plump body! She has as always a nice ass and even nicer boobs!

Ah, boobies! If you check the first pic you can see her tits from a side and appreciate how those melons would feel in your hand… Good feeling, isn’t it?! Well just so you know, this darling approaches 30 years, has a kid and it seems like only a few days ago she played school girl Disney characters on screen. Luckily, she grew up, grew her tits, toned her body and today she is showing it off! ‘Duff said, check out the gallery and tell me what you think of this former child star!

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November 15, 2016 in


Long time no see, Jessica! Welcome, welcome! Jessica Biel was on holiday with husband Justin Timberlake – huh, should I say Jessica Timberlake? – on a Caribbean beach. She showed off her post-pregnancy body in a black bikini, and look like she had fun. You might think they are on holiday this time of the year because they are celebrities, duh, but in fact the couple celebrated 4 years since they got married.

Now that is something in celebrity married time ;) Getting back to the hottie, she is a good looking mamma! Her ass still looks amazing in that bikini, but her boobs didn’t increase much. Let us not despair because she is not much different from the hot girl we got used to, despite her being a mommy now. Hey, I would call her mommy any day! I must say, I like her sweet features, big eyes, big lips and signature fringe, her looks take me back to heaven…

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November 14, 2016 in


Ah, Khloe, we meet again! It wasn’t soon enough for Khloe Kardashian to return to our gallery, don’t you think? I am a boobs fanatic but a big ass is always welcomed! And, oh boy, does she deliver! It’s only fitting that while arriving at a baby shower in Beverly Hills her pokies were on. For us, babies, to suck on… I mean on! Hard nipples, no bra, and fitted dress on! It’s like playing a game with cheats that make you enjoy it even more, or some secret cow level…

But this is serious booty level! If you look at her waist line going around her ass you can clearly see it’s outrageous! Her tiny waist seems unreal compared to her cheeks… But what I like about Khloe is that she doesn’t want all the attention to go down so she makes sure her tits are on display as well, shape or nipples, pick your choice! You can also see what I mean about putting everything on display in other galleries, after you’ve finished with this one…

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November 14, 2016 in


Look who just waltzed it! No one other than Jasmine Waltz with her big boobs! She was at Catch Restaurant in West Hollywood – that place gathers more celebrities than honey attracts bears or flies… And we are nothing but delighted with this girls’ appearance! She had an all black outfit, tight and revealing! She also experienced a wardrobe malfunction, or how you all know by now, a boob slip! I think drum rolls were heard when that thing broke out, fireworks and music started, people went crazy!!! By people I mean me, you, me again :) But cmmon, seriously?

That was an accidental slip? That thing was designed to let the tits go loose! And let’s say “Job well done!” to Jasmine for picking it out! Not only her breast was visible as day light but would you look at that pointy nipple with it’s huge areola? I don’t know what you like to eat or drink, but I would definitely eat that up!

Enough talk! Just watch, click, expand, expand, expand…

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November 13, 2016 in


I must confess, I had to look up some info about Rebecca Dayan, since she is not one of our usual guests – but that can be remedied… She is an actress of French origins that also modeled for a few years before moving to New York. You can really understand why she had a career in modelling only by her looks in this gallery. She is here at Just One Eye Celebrates: The Venyx ‘Elementa’ Collection by Eugenie Niarchos in Los Angeles.

Before we move on, let me just state that the name of the event is so long, I hardly get why anyone would promote it like a full sentence!? That being said, I love the see through blouse she wears, it feels like an excuse of a blouse. And of course there is no bra in sight so we can really see thru to her boobies, nipples, everything! What a joyous view, downright pornographic with her innocent face and perky tits… Oui, moniseur!

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