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February 8, 2017 in

The #24 Issue of Fault Magazine brings a naked Tove Lo, proud and sassy! OK, she is naked in only one pic and topless in most. But we only need a picture of her nips to get an idea on how they look. And her tits look amazing in her 29th year of life! She is one round-up woman! Good looking body, bad ass tattoos, intriguing face, and of course a talented artist! She maybe known back in her home country as the saddest Swedish girl, but I have a feeling the fans love her even more for her raw feelings and the music experience she provides.

I mean you could love a girl like her, on her music, and have the most satisfying cigarette afterwards while questioning the meaning of life. Yes, she sure looks like she could drive one crazy and just to make sure, she combined her name for a suggesting stage name. How many of you thought of “tough love” when you first heard of Tove Lo?! I know now you will immediately think of her cute nips and boobies when you hear or see her name, and that’s even better!

February 6, 2017 in

Guyz, I need your help! Please stare at the first pic of Claudia Romani and her tits in water and tell me if her nipples were only by a little kept inside the bathing suit… Just by a couple of millimeters and we could have seen her boobs like two jugs surfing at the water surface. All in all, this amateur photo shoot of Claudia on the beach in Miami, is only by a little bit short of a porn movie, or at least the beginning of a porn movie, just before she takes off whatever clothes she has on. I mean she checked a lot of poses worthy of a good sex tape:

  • Bent on her knees? Check!
  • Splashing water on her ass? Check!
  • Ridiculous outfit? Tiny, pink thong bikini and push up bra with a net top – check, check, check!
  • Hanging boobs? Check!
  • Arched back with legs in the air? Check!

Hell, I could go a while about her appearance in our gallery today, but I’ll leave you to discover yourself. And at the end…have a moment of gratitude for the former GQ model that insists on making us happy every time she goes to the beach!

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February 6, 2017 in

Just on Sunday Kim Kardashian headed to a party to celebrate the Super Bowl and today we get to enjoy her SUPER BOOTY! Yeah, it’s so big I had to write it in CAPS… Kim and her sister were spotted relaxing by the poolside in Costa Rica, all oiled and glowing in the sunlight! By the look of the photos, you would think that they were unaware of the paparazzo. But then again, why would she wear a nude thong bikini and pose so gracefully shot after shot?! I just hope this time she didn’t leave some giant ring in her hotel room, in light of her last visit to Paris. By the way, you can check it out here because that was one eventful trip!

Kim is known for that big ass, but I have to be honest, on some days, when she covers her ass with clothes it looks exaggerated.  And then are days like this, when only a tiny string bikini comes out of her ass, and it just looks magnificent… Furthermore, she went for a nude color that made my heart race at first. I mean imagine seeing her boobs free and glistening with oils… Oh wait, Kim is such a sweetheart she has her own sex tape right [here]!

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February 5, 2017 in

Rita Ora see through leggings while climbing into a car.

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February 5, 2017 in

Fergie displaying her big tits and ass in a green bikini.

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February 5, 2017 in

Hilary Duff wearing a red bikini on a beach in Mexico.

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February 2, 2017 in

Ta Daa! Here comes Tatiana! She is known as Tanya Mityushina, the model that appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2016. But she will be in our minds for a while as the hot babe in pink satin dress and pink perfect nipple, at “John Wick: Chapter 2” premiere in Los Angeles. This is what happens when you wear no bra and a cleavage as deep as the Mines of Moria. You know, the mines where Gandalf fights the Balrog and dies – sort of. I want to shout at the people calling this perfect nip slip a “wardrobe malfunction” YOU FOOLS! Just like the above said character…

Such perfection, the curvy line of the boob, the wavy hair, everything – was prepared. She chose to reveal her incredible beauty and share it with the world. And the boobie lover in me is incredibly content right now. Because how often do you get to see such good looking tits? (To be honest, if you come by our gallery, the answer is quite often…but since it’s never enough…) Her boobs hit the perfect balance between being big enough and not too big, with a pink small and playfull nipple that is hard to resist to!

February 2, 2017 in

Congratulations are in order for today’s hottie! Yes, Taraji P. Henson won an award at the 23rd Annual SAG Awards in Los Angeles for her role in Hidden Figures. But you know what is not hidden? Them delicious nipples! No boob figure is safe in the see through dress with no bra on. And her creamy nips are enticing us staying strong and hard for the cameras! I guess they were as excited as we are and luckily, she took home an award. She can easily take me as well…

Such a talented and hot cougar! She is 46 and one of the top 100 influential people in the world according to Time. Well this only makes me glad because if an influencer decides to go bra-free and nipples showing, imagine how will the influencees go?! She is contributing to my dream of a world of free boobies among other things! And just look at her provocative face! Let me congratulate her again in the name of all the people she made happy with this outfit alone!

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February 1, 2017 in

We scoured Miami today and after feasting our eyes on the two models on the beach, we turned to more private pools. And there, Vanessa Hudgens was relaxing and enjoying the sun when some intrusive cameras caught her on tape. But she has nothing to worry about, she looked amazing in the plum purple swimsuit. She paired it with a top hat worthy of Top Cat and a hint of pokies to make things interesting…

Of course the 28 year old has some leaked photos on the internet and that happened a couple of times a few years ago. Some have been removed, some still linger, but it is certain we welcome her titties or anything else she feels like showing! Even though her career didn’t start as a model, she looks so hot and her figure is lean, with great assets to fill up any haute couture garment! We’ll enjoy her for now in the swimsuit and the burning sun, and check back later for anything new from the lovely Vanessa!

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February 1, 2017 in

Hot damn! What can you want more than a model on a beach? Well of course two models on the beach in Miami is a correct answer! Selena Weber and Katrina Motes went to cool off at the beach in really sexy, thong bikinis! Selena raised it up a notch by wearing a nude thong bikini that perfectly fits her ass! Even more, look at the pic where she has her life jacket on and her ass is to the camera, it appears she doesn’t have anything on to cover her pussy…

Not to mention her hot friend in the bright orange swimsuit! She bent a little, took a sip of water and looked just gorgeous with her boobies pressed in her swim bra! But the one really enjoying herself was still the 22 year old Selena. She went jet skiing, she tried to mess up with our minds in that nude thong. And figure out her audacity, she sticks her tongue out as she turns to the camera! Well you bet we were watching!

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January 31, 2017 in

Today we went from a huge ass to a really small one. And each works its attraction on us! Stella Maxwell‘s tushy looks almost innocent but then she arches her back and gives a run for their money to many girls out there! OK, I know some of you think anal when they hear tushy so I guess today’s theme word can be ass. But Stella really puts on a show while changing and posing for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie photo shoot in Miami. In one pic we get to enjoy a boob slip, in the first pics we see a cameltoe as clear as daylight, not to mention again her ass and ass cheecks!

It’s going to be a good collection by the looks of it! The yellow thong is something almost any girl should wear, it looks bonkers! Even I am confused if the two-piece was designed with a porn movie in mind or was just inspired from there? Gratefully, Stella Maxwell really puts on a show that keeps us going on…and on…and on!

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January 31, 2017 in

Ahoy there! Watch out for the big bootied mermaid in and out of the water! She is fair haired and with pale skin, but Iggy Azalea is known for something far greater than that. So great and huge is her ass, we need a wide screen to fit it! She wore a red bikini while paddle boarding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After she paddled a bit, she went on having fun on a yacht, smooching her new beau. By the way, check out where his hands go if you ever doubted the power of a big booty…

Of course she has a pretty face, and her braided hair looks good on her, even her tits have “improved”, but damn! That ass! I read that a new album of hers is coming out soon this year…let’s just hope her videos will be scandalous! With focus on her best known body part. I cannot unsee it, my eyes go towards it every time, despite the fact I am a boobies fanatic…

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Celebrity Sex Tapes
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