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January 19, 2017 in

Brazil has always fascinated me and a great deal it has to do with its supermodels. In fact, Brasileiras are know to be hot blooded women that fill the beaches and the samba clubs. And Alessandra Ambrosio is no exception strutting hot and sexy on the beach in Canasvieiras, Brazil. Her good looking ass comes to us in a turquoise, thong bikini. The color compliments her tanned skin as she enjoys the last days of holiday.

She had quite a long and enjoyable holiday, but that’s something you can expect from one of the best paid models – In the world! Did I mention she is soon 36? Or that she has 2 kids? Alas, she does what needs to be done to keep her body in great shape since she gained world renown for her look. And that’s another thing to admire her for, she is committed to her work and proves to be a great business woman as well. Tonight though, I will be looking closer at her tits and ass rather than anything else…

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January 19, 2017 in

What happens when a girl wears the shortest dress possible? By all means she should stay upright, even be carried around while she looks fabulous. So I assume it was not by mistake the bend that gave the internet a seizure. The bending queen is no one other than Rita Ora on the set of Wonderwell in Rome. That’s a wonder-ass! Not to mention the [possible] pussy slip! I will call it an upskirt with a view and I want to rent the first room there! Hell, I want all the rooms available!

Does any of you guys know what the movie is about? Please check it out because I can’t take my eyes from the screen for a while. It must be a hell of a film if they had Rita Ora dressed so whorish in knee lenght boots and no panties… I guess that after all the deal she has with Tezenis, the Italian lingerie firm, does not guarantee she will wear any undies. Good for everyone!

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January 18, 2017 in

Peopleee! Invite Christina Milian to parties because she likes to dress less! She has the boobs to make an appearance and when she pairs those big tits with a see thru bra, the party is on fire! Too bad for the jacket, she covered her nips but we know they were hiding in plain sight! She attended the YSL Beauty Club party in Los Angeles in a really mini white, dress. Her signature cute smile was on and the boobs were about to pop! All the ingredients to a perfect night out!

The one in a millian petite made us shed a few tears back at her birthday party where she taped her nips. You can check that out here. In fact, browse the gallery for this hottie because she is not that innocent after all! She know what her assets are, and I, as a boob fanatic love her even more for bringing the girls out every time there is a party and a camera in sight… Looking forward to seeing some of her videos!

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January 18, 2017 in

Who is a warrior queen?! A pure Amazonian? No one other than the Polish Joanna Krupa! My God I would let her tie me up and fuck me senseless! She looks so hardcore in that tiny bikini…even her nipples are hard! And the way she struts and paddles… OK, she knows she is so hot that she even strikes a few poses for us. But nothing compares with her spectacular ass! Maybe the camel toe visible in the lush green colored bikini!? She is a winner in my dreams tonight, not only at paddle boarding!

She had a lot of fun in Miami and made a few concessions to her loving fans, like that areola slip. Or pulling the bikini from her ass… Now that is how a model should look even at 37! She broke a few hearts on the cover of Playboy some years ago, but she is still making us jerk…uh, sorry, love her! Paddle away boyz!

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January 16, 2017 in

We last saw this hottie two months ago in Dubai in the gallery here, and this time she is on the beach in Sri Lanka. In fact, looking over her history in our gallery it seems she always chooses exotic destinations for her holidays. She has klass, she is Myleene Klass after all. A Bond girl in the making, she went for body-boarding in a ridiculously hot, red bikini. As she mounted and unmounted…the board we got to see the great shape of her tits and mound. Say what you want, but I’d trade places with that piece of plastic right about now…

Her ass is a completely amazing story in the ruffled bikini! She looks so toned and just – right, you know, you wouldn’t say she is 38 going on 39, and has two daughters. You also wouldn’t say she has no make-up on and she is all natural, having fun splashing water all around! Let me tell you that water is not what some of you will be splashing around after you check out the pics…

January 16, 2017 in

Just look at the pics below… I know we’ve seen Izabel Goulart before New Year’s Eve on holiday in St. Barts in a thong bikini here… But I seriously believe we have to see more of this girl! And she is in the same place, on the beach, in a dark pink bikini, looking absolutely amazing. The model, known for her work with Victoria’s Secret and other renowned brands, has a super hot body that she tanned beautifully. This only makes her skin even more enticing, smooth and glistening. It makes you wanna lick it… among other things…

Oh yeah, she deserves a good licking! And her boyfriend is nowhere in sight this time. We get to enjoy her great ass uninterrupted. In fact, she deserves uninterrupted time and attention from our part so we can discover even the slightest details of her body. For instance, the barely visible cameltoe, the curves of her boobs or the nice dimples on her lower back!

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January 15, 2017 in

Ashley Graham bare ass and see through in V Magazine.

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January 15, 2017 in

Actress Alexandra Daddario braless in a sexy top, displaying her hard nipple pokies.

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January 15, 2017 in

Charlotte McKinney looking super sexy in Guess lingerie.

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January 12, 2017 in

And the Awards continue! Thank God! Joining us from the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills is hottie Mandy Moore! I must say, I remember a few roles she had both as a mean girl and a darling one. And her cleavage is antagonising as well, just like her characters. If you are asking why, it’s because her cleavage is deep and wide and and deep again, but it also has a downside. It doesn’t show her tits, or a nipple at least… We only get a slight hint of puffies. I guess that’s better than nothing?!

She has her smile on and her hair is let down so she is a welcomed presence in our gallery! But what makes her so hot, despite not showing that much, is her look when she is not smiling. You know it, she has her mouth barely opened, with a perverse face that is trying to provoke us! Check out the last pics and tell me if she wouldn’t make an amazing porn star!

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I figured we could use a break from the Golden Globes and maybe check out the BAFTA Tea Party in Beverly Hills. And look who was there! A regular this month in all sexy news is Lady Victoria Hervey that bestowed us with her pokies and cameltoe. After we’ve seen her tits and nipples previously here, the pokies are not much of a surprise. But exciting enough is the jumpsuit she chose to wear with no bra. A white cat-woman drinking tea… That’s not something you see everyday!

She has a lovely face and is generally bold in appearances, but although we love her tits, I reckon she could wear something to cover her ribs and chest. You know, until she gains some weight and her bones are not so much in your face… Another lovely improvement is the hair-do, she abandoned the Barbadian look from her holiday. After all she is a Brit at a Tea Party, with a certain dress code – luckily, the bra is not included!

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January 10, 2017 in

Hot damn! The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards took place in Beverly Hills a couple of days ago and holly molly did our cuties rise to the challenge! We have here the insanely hot Emily Ratajkowski, setting an impossibly high bar for other ladies around this blue globe – I’m talking about Earth if you are dizzy from the excitement and didn’t get it. She is hot as f*ck going braless in a yellow satin dress with a generous side boob; upon which we can feast our eyes time after time.

OK, the dress was made without a bra in plan, but the way it works on our Emily is just…well, f*ckable! There is no better word for it, the feeling of drop-down and f*ck-her-up! Right here and now! Luckily, we have a gallery of Ratajkowski nudes that will keep you going and asking for more… Check her nudes [here] and get back to us, the Awards continue…

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