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February 24, 2017 in

It has been only a little time since we last saw Bella Hadid, but I sure missed her! I mean she has no appearance where here boobs or nipples aren’t showing. And I can clearly see why she is one of your favorites as well. Because her boobs are out of this world! Seriously, check out this gallery of the black & white photo shoot for V Magazine… Needles to say she looks sexy, that is not the word for the sight of a perfect boob, areola and nipple!

I also enjoy lingering over her smooth skin, that so beautifully glistens all oiled up… Imagine liking that body like a big ice cream! I can almost feel the silky texture on the tip of my tongue… I hope her ex is over her because this gallery is really “thought” provoking! She even has a few shots of her head to show she couldn’t care less about the sex vibes she sends out, she is hot no matter what.

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February 24, 2017 in

Long time no see! It must be spring because Kate Hudson is blooming just before our eyes! And I’m talking about her boob looking perfect for a sniff! Her hard nipple is just like the flower’s stem – the sweet part in the middle… And it so perfectly blends with the floral dress! Do you see the benefit of going braless? It is not only that we can see through the material to the good parts, but also the breast is free and feels good.

The hottie was out in West Hollywood looking as good as ever; it feels like only yesterday she was trying to lose a guy in 10 days… We come off quicker, Kate, if you ever wanna pick a guy from the audience for your experiments. But still, can you believe she is 37? She must have got her mother’s good genes. After all, Goldie Hawn was a goldie! Hmm, now this brings to mind some mother and daughter moments – except that they are both young starring in my movie…

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February 23, 2017 in

Honestly guys, I have to tell you that after the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 ending with Kate Upton here, it’s a bit difficult to talk about some Kardashian ass. Fortunately Kourtney Kardashian showed a nice cameltoe leaving workout in Calabasas and that’s something else. Well “showed” is much to say since we got the perfect contour of her pussy due to the sporty outfit she wore. Of course as a Kardashian, she paired her outfit with a Louis Vuitton backpack, while holding a coffee in one hand and her phone in the other. Busy bee Kourtney!

And kudos to her for keeping up with… workouts because at 37 she is looking really good! Her tight pants also show the incredible ass shape you could recognize anywhere, and it is striking how her thick thighs go down to such slim ankles! She walks on great legs! All that was missing was a cleavage or some nipples poking around and we would have had a larger picture, from head to toes. Of course, you can check out more posts of her in our galleries because you are bound to find almost everything you want to see…

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February 23, 2017 in

And finishing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 – for this week only – is Kate Upton. Now this is a grand finale! I mean this girl is an actress aged 24, known mostly for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2011. How about that acting career?! You can see clearly why she can easily act less and spread more… She is extremely hot in all the outfits – and she wore more than the other girls – but, I have to say, those white knitted strings though… Those knits are enough to knock your pants off! They go round her boobs, and her boobs are big, and cover her clit and half her lips…

Now I definitely wanna see some ladies going to the beach like that… And of course it is not only about the swimsuits, so tiny and delicate, but it’s about her sexy feels, the way she looks at the camera, the indecent poses with such an innocent face. The thong bikinis she wears are just the cherry on top of a booty-licious ass! And don’t even get me started on her pics where she lays on her belly, with nipples barely in the water and her dress pulled over her ass, exposing a beautiful round tush… What is she trying to do to us?!

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February 21, 2017 in

The second in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 series is Serena Williams, the American professional tennis player. I mean the whole world heard of Serena so I think this is enough introduction to the 35 year old number 1 tennis player. Yes, as of the end of January this year she reached the top ranking once again. But she is in our top liking for a while. Just look at the pics below to see a magnificent woman, oozing power and sexiness. I bet, she would have had a great career as a porn star if the tennis playing thing wouldn’t have worked out…

Everything about this woman is big, starting with her titles, to her titties! And her boobs hold up very nicely considering all the running and jumping she puts them through… Of course that type of exercise is perfect for her ass, and her booty gives the Kardashians a run for their money! Seriously, check her out in that tiny thong bikini in the pic where she holds her hands up. I wanna scream “so much ass, so little string!” She looks like a sea goddess, chanting and calling on the force of the water… Don’t worry, Serena, anybody viewing these pics is wet already!

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February 21, 2017 in

Mio Dio! Or what the Italians say every time they spot Bianca Balti! Of course, the jaw-drop is universal for everybody looking at this gallery of the Italian model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017. I gotta say, the series is proving to be amazing. After the two tennis players, we get a beautiful model, that appeared in Pirelli Calendar, was a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and showed off in several magazines. For us, she is modelling 13 different outfits, not to mention the topless contour!

She is really wicked, posing against the setting lights, but we see why she did it. When your tits look like that at 32, this is the thing to do… well maybe except posting them full frontal ;) If you were to put her on a scale of hotness, she would beat even the dangerous chilly at the top of the list. But not only she is hot, she is also dangerously pulling her bikini down, coming close to a perfect looking pussy – I bet! Words are not enough to describe this gallery so I’ll better leave you with the pics…and a box of tissues!

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February 20, 2017 in

In preparation for the spring and summer to come in the Northern hemisphere, we are starting a new series from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017. That is to encourage you to start up on sports, and I count the exercises you do thanks to our galleries… The first one on the line is Caroline Wozniacki, the professional tennis player of Polish origins, settled in Denmark, aged 26. She debuted in the WTA in 2005, and ten years later she first appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. She learned maybe that a lot of fans were coming for her sexy looks and she so gracefully obliged.

In this photo shoot, she wore 9 different outfits, most of them with thong bikinis. So we have enough poses to stare at her hot ass, trained on the tennis court. Personally, I love her ass in the last pic, the one with the giant lips and wouldn’t mind if she stayed like that for a while… Of course she is also as toned as they get, with incredible abs and a sweet chest. Her tits are perky and bouncy and she possibly let her areola slip in the last pics, wearing the tiny yellow swim bra…

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February 20, 2017 in

The Harvey Weinstein pre BAFTAs dinner took place in London. What, you weren’t invited?! No biggie, because Rebecca Hall was and the actress dressed just the way I like it. With no bra on…aaand in a see thru blouse… I might add it was black and that is perfect for the camera’s flash, it sees right through. So clearly that we noticed a tit was hanging lower and looking to the other side, it must have been blinded by all the lights. Or maybe it is a wanderer boob, looking for great adventures beyond the bra and clothes…

A great pair of tits indeed! Their shape is round and beautiful and in the brisky London air, those nips just got hard on us. If her husband didn’t get a hard on, Rebecca can count on us – her perky nips are sure to turn on our buttons… This is one 34 year old hottie, tall, lean and mean!

February 18, 2017 in

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February 18, 2017 in

Third time’s a charm…or maybe not?! We’ve seen Paris Jackson in Paris here, braless here and once again today! Once you enter the stage, be sure the paparazzi will follow and they caught a pretty picture of the young woman going braless. I might add, as always! And that’s a good thing, she embraces titties freedom! On top of things, her top is also see through showing, naturally, her nips.

Of course her pierced nipples are hard not to see in any outfit, specially the one in Paris. She looks quite different from that photo shoot without all the make-up, but since she is only getting coffee in Los Angeles, we should appreciate her natural look… After all, boobs and nipples – job complete! She revealed enough skin in that top to last us a while… I mean we’ve also got a view of her midriff, tattoos and pierces alike. I must mention though, her pants are far from Chanel’s collection she promoted…

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February 18, 2017 in

English actress Scarlett Byrne posed nude in Playboy Magazine!

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February 18, 2017 in

Sophie Turner showing her long legs and also a deep cleavage at the British Film Awards.

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