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December 9, 2016 in

Holiday season is fast approaching and all sorts of offers are available. So please allow me to give you a two-for-one gallery of Elsa Hosk and Martha Hunt at Victoria’s Secret Viewing Party in New York City. Oh yeah! They are both models, tall, skinny, blue eyed blondes and over 27 years old. Their age is a definite plus as they had the time to gain experience…all sorts of experience…and they are also in really good shape. I mean really, really good! You don’t have to believe me, just look below at the girls and their revealing outfits. And apart from gorgeous, angelic faces you will see through Elsa’s dress to some hard nipples. She paired her see thru dress with over the knee black boots which are really kinky and tasty pokies!

Martha, on the other hand, opted for a dark blue dress and feminine sandals. Both girls posed like the true angels they are and they surely fulfilled a lot of menage a trois  fantasies… I mean, let’s be real, you have two Victoria’s Secret Angels holding each other and smiling to the camera… For me, things go only one way! If you are also outspoken, share yours after the picture viewing break!

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December 7, 2016 in


Sweet petite! Let’s get down to business! In a pale pink bikini is Karrueche Tran on the beach in Miami. I have a hard time calling the name of this girl with Vietnamese and Jamaican roots, and it’s a hard time in my crotch area. The model makes me go through the work day ever so happy and horny! With that cute face of hers, and her round booty she keeps grabbing… It’s like she knows where I would keep my hands as well… On that ass! And is it my imagination only or in the first pic there is a shy cameltoe emerging from the water?! Please look at it and confirm before something pops over here!

And not to call Chris Brown names, but isn’t he crazy? First of all, he had that nasty thing with Rihanna, afterwards he broke Karrueche’s heart. Both girls are looking hot and are also very talented. Ok, RiRi is in another league business wise but Chris is one picky …fella, to say the least! You can see what I’m talking about by checking Rihanna out also since only yesterday she visited our gallery.

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December 7, 2016 in


Start dancing people! Most likely if you practice long enough you will get a gorgeous body like Audrina’s, who dances with the stars. Audrina Patridge though has been cute since we first laid eyes on her. And oh boy, do we like to lay with her, on her, over… You get the drift! Here she is adding to our beach gallery in a white bikini on the beach in Miami. I guess she went for a photo shoot vibe looking at the camera, flirting with it, smiling innocently. You can tell even from the way she plays with her hat or she enters the water in a gentle but studied way.

That’s what all the years as a reality TV celeb will get you. Instead of having fun splashing water everywhere, basking in the sun, slipping body parts by “accident”, everything is directed and carefully staged. But we don’t mind, with such a cute ass and natural boobies, hell, stage a sex tape and we’ll be grateful!

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December 6, 2016 in


When I thought we are done with the Oscars and red carpet outfits, I was taken by surprise by the 30th FN Achievement Awards in New York, which are also known as the Shoe Oscars. I mean who doesn’t love shoes?! Imagine your girl on a pair of high heels with her ass cheeks in the wind… Unfortunately Rihanna opted for some sneakers – by her design – and a rather sporty outfit with “Securite” written all over it. There is still reason for joy as her black top is see through straight to her nipple ring! Who would have imagined that an all black, baggy outfit would reveal so much?! Thankfully, she wears no bra and her nipples are hard enough to point to our eyes!

Hands down to Riri, she is one successful young woman: starting from music, acting, to collaborations in shoe design and not limited to, this 28 year old comes close to Midas. And on top of her achievements, she rocks a smoking hot body that she dresses with good taste. Or undresses… check her out with fewer clothes on here or here! Have your pick!

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December 5, 2016 in


Guys, stop right here! Count 1-3-8 to slow your heart down and check out miss Daisy, Daisy Lea! Yes, you’ve guessed it, she is in a photo shoot for 138 Water in Malibu and let me tell you, the people at 138 Water never disappoint! Hell, they make it really hard for themselves actually, raising the bar with every tit and ass they photograph. Daisy is here wearing almost nothing and then something see through…so that makes it still almost nothing. In most pics, she is in a teensy, tiny, pink bikini thong…let’s just hope it’s one of her designs and other girls can buy this beachwear. And topless! She has her blonde hair to cover her good looking boobs and a few other props: one very envied bottle of water and her hands. Imagine if your face was touching her breasts like the said bottle of water! And she would lightly press you even closer…….

Welcome after the fap break! She also wears a white T-shirt on which she poured water just to make it see through. We are definitely not complaining as her fun nipples join the party! But something else may have joined the party also – look carefully for a possible pussy lip in one of the pics! If you are blindsided and you don’t see it, check out her last post with us here, where her pussy was clearly visible! And you get a complete image of one Daisy playmate!

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December 5, 2016 in


It sure is a good start of the week with all these topless girls! Blasting us with hard nipples right here is Chelsea Leyland on the beach in Miami. I said blasting because her nipples look like they are about to laser beam us! (Don’t) take cover! She is walking casually and topless, just listening to music as the cameras immortalize her boobs.

She has milky white skin that glistens in the sun, so you can tell she is British. To contrast her palor, she wore a very colorful bikini, pink sunglasses, a bandana and a head set. Now normally I wouldn’t include the head set to clothing but those wires got me all confused and appear in every pic. This shows that she takes her job seriously, listening to music even when she goes topless on the beach. She is a very successful DJ, a must actually at fashion events! But she doesn’t stop at music only, she is a trained actress and a New York fashionista! Her plans include starting a lingerie line and her work deejaying all those fashion shows hint she may have a clue. If not, she can have a career in our gallery!

December 3, 2016 in


Well I kid you not, we have a bad ass over here! Say hello to Rose McGowan in a see thru, black top over at “Charliewood Exhibition Opening” in New York. And it truly is an exhibition with those nipples on! She stole my heart a few years ago playing Paige in the show Charmed and today, her see through steals the spotlight! If any of you remember her as a young witch just holler in the comments section. Meanwhile enjoy the show from the gallery, be it a slideshow with nips and great boobies!

She is 43 nowadays but she still knows how to have fun, playing with her friend’s hair with nipples in plain sight! Maybe it has something to do with her three year relationship to Marilyn Manson, or maybe she is as fun like that! Either way, I love your nipply tits Rose, and look forward to seeing ’em again soon!

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December 3, 2016 in

Lizzie Cundy braless in a see through dress at Little White Lies collection.

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December 3, 2016 in

Model Barbara Palvin nude photo shoot for Maxim Magazine.

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December 2, 2016 in


So I guess the concerts were a success for Mariah Carey since she is at the beach in Maui, Hawaii, unwinding. And as she let her hair down she also had a small nipple slip. That’s sweet! Her nipple is minuscule and freezing and there is no sun in sight to warm her up… Leave it to us to give it a try! But be warned, who ever wants a piece of Mariah will get a lot! She is in a bikini but she has a whole lot of body! Just daaamn!

She looks different from the other day in the gallery here, but she is still a diva! When you have a big booty you need to rock it properly! So Mariah leaned over some rocks in a sexy pose. She then kneeled in the waves, slipped her tits and smiled like she has no care in the world. But hey, maybe that’s true! We are just lucky the cameras were there to catch her freezing nip. Take her away, boyz!

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November 30, 2016 in


Fellow Londoners, is it cold in London now? It must be freezing if hottie Nicole Scherzinger was cold… She is usually burning hot and today we are so just by looking at that deep cleavage! She got the chills so she took a jacket over her shoulders, but it makes me wonder, is her dress as revealing in the back as is it’s front? She was close to an upskirt, but she held her hands strategic while getting out of her car as she got back to her hotel in London.

Her face tells you she is trouble, the paparazzi better not mess up with her. Nicole was at the X-Factor and she was happy there, but back at the hotel she put on one of the biggest pouts I’ve seen lately! It’s almost as big as her boobs and her boobs are huuuge! Especially in this really tight leather mini that presses her breast. I’d press ’em too!

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November 29, 2016 in


What an exotic flavor do we have here today? She’s hot, she’s spicy, she’s Padma Lakshmi on the beach in Miami Beach. The Top Chef host has some top job boobs and a great ass, all displayed in her two piece white bikini. We can feast our eyes on the Indian goddess as she has fun in the waves and if you look frame by frame you can really see the model in her. Just look at the way she emerges out of the water, all wet, gently touching the surface of the water or brushing her hair… … … I know!

And then you get to her big bust that looks as it’s about to pop!  And things do get better because even lower a shy camel toe is visible for our delight. It sure is a fun day at the beach for all of us! She is a 46 years old actress, TV host, and author and started her career as a model at the age of 21, but could certainly give a run for their money to some models even today! She almost gave us a heart attack!

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