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Kimberley Garner upskirt while out shopping for flowers in Beverly Hills. Wearing a white dress, Kimberley showed off her beautiful legs and a bit of cleavage. Enjoy!

March 13, 2017 in

Kimberley Garner ass cheeks upskirt while on the set of “Sweetheart” in Los Angeles.

March 4, 2017 in

Bella Thorne completely topless in a changing room! (VIDEO)

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February 10, 2017 in

What a show! Lady Gaga had a really memorable halftime show. Like she was a mad singer flying and singing in a spacesuit body! Of course she changed clothes and danced her ass off, so imagine my surprise when, after everything, she comes by our gallery like this! She showed up at NRG Stadium in Houston at the 2017 Super Bowl laying on the ground, legs spread! Of course a nice upskirt came up…

And I almost whined in excitement that more was about to show – unfortunately it was only her panties in a nude color… Now how cool it would have been if we had Lady Gaga’s pussy for this Super Bowl, we could eat her right up! But this is also cool. After a while of staring, I noticed how lean her legs are. And I finally realized she was showing off her legs sitting like that, spread and half naked. Well Lady Gaga, you stormed the half time show and you have the right legs to step on it!

January 19, 2017 in

What happens when a girl wears the shortest dress possible? By all means she should stay upright, even be carried around while she looks fabulous. So I assume it was not by mistake the bend that gave the internet a seizure. The bending queen is no one other than Rita Ora on the set of Wonderwell in Rome. That’s a wonder-ass! Not to mention the [possible] pussy slip! I will call it an upskirt with a view and I want to rent the first room there! Hell, I want all the rooms available!

Does any of you guys know what the movie is about? Please check it out because I can’t take my eyes from the screen for a while. It must be a hell of a film if they had Rita Ora dressed so whorish in knee lenght boots and no panties… I guess that after all the deal she has with Tezenis, the Italian lingerie firm, does not guarantee she will wear any undies. Good for everyone!

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November 24, 2016 in


I still can’t get over Chrissy Teigen’s AMA dress… and yet the series continues with Charli XCX at 30th Annual ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia. This girl is crazy and has other slips worth seeing here, but this time it was meant for her booty to shine. Literally speaking! Her ass cheeks were exposed to the cameras and shone a bit – actually more – in the flash lights…

You can’t expect anything else from such a mini dress that I wouldn’t dare calling it a dress on a regular day or on any other person.  But Charli has some nice, lean legs and a hot booty so we actually like her choice of clothing.  The “dress” features a bit of cleavage and a loose shoulder strap. But knowing the girl, I bet she let it fall so we can appreciate how strong her boob is, being capable of holding the material from falling… Super boob to the rescue! Super ass! Super FAAAAP!

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November 22, 2016 in


Hellz yeah! The AMA’s are here, star filled with boobs bound to slip and goodies to be shown. And holly molly does Chrissy Teigen set a good start! She went to the 2016 American Music Awards in Los Angeles in a dress meant to malfunction. She shaved her pussy for it…and for us, let’s be fair! But don’t let me get ahead, let’s enjoy this upskirt and her going pantyless. I reckon there is more to be seen here than if she was on the beach in a tiny bikini. The reason is of course that she has no panties here, but also that she wanted to show off!

She is a model in her 30’s, a mother of one and still rocks a good looking caramel body! She maybe slipped a little more than intended because her husband John Legend had to help cover up that pussy, but this also led to her winning an award for the most revealing dress… It makes you wonder what John meant in his song with those “all of me” and “all of you” lyrics… It’s all out there now, don’t worry! ;)

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Her name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison, born 1992. People know her as Charli XCX. This is her code name, when she goes in the jungle with Arnold Schwarzenegger to hunt down the predator. Nah, I’m kidding, of course. You know I like to joke around when I write these articles. Why wouldn’t I when I have around so many hot babes? Charli XCX is a British singer, songwriter and actress. Mostly brunette. And most of the time hot as fuck. Big tits on this girl! She has no problem showing them! Like most of her co-fellow celebrity women, of course. Spoiler alert: she has no problem into letting you see what she has between her legs.

This gallery will give you one of the hottest cameltoes you’ve seen, in pink panties. Wait, there’s even more – her thong and pubes (in the first pic). All via a great looking upskirt. Oh, I forgot about the ass cheeks. I’m probably getting old or I’m too horny after seeing miss Aitchison.
She was performing at The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. And in our hearts, too.

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September 19, 2016 in


It hasn’t been long since we last saw Lady Gaga, but thank God she’s baaack! Oh come on, when you want your girl crazy weird, but with lots of talent – if you know what I mean – you can always check Gaga out. She just doesn’t care, and sometimes that is all you need. Here, we kind of needed to see through her dress, all the way up to her nipples. Actually, her boobs are no longer a surprise in this dress… And we should thank her for that upskirt also! She sure meant to have fun while out in New York City, a fun city to begin with.

She likes to show off her toned body as well, her shades, her tattoos, her bitchy high heels, match a bitchy attitude! I wonder, will she be out more since her new album is on the way? We will keep an eye out for her, a Perfect Illusion just like her new song.

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September 10, 2016 in


Is this for real? Is this a usual day for Kimberley Garner? Daaaaaamn, daaat ass! Dude, WTF! She’s so hot! That upskirt makes me write stupid stuff in this article. Hmm, let’s calm down! So you know Kimberley. She’s that girl who’s into swimwear design and who’s a television personality, actress and socialite. And you also know that she is drop dead gorgeous.

Supposedly, Kimberley was out shopping in St. Tropez. Ass flashing, showing the booty, upskirt in the air! What can I say – St. Tropez has a way of exposing people. I hope that one day she will be out shopping on my street, too. In the summer, of course, cause I don’t really want to see her with a lot of clothes on. Oh, another thing. As I said before, I’m not into fashion, but I can say that I like her roman-like sandals. Good girl this Kimberley!

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August 5, 2016 in


So this is how it should be? That’s the purpose of this dress? It’s an unwanted upskirt or the piece is designed to act like that while walking? So many questions without any meaning! As long as we can see Xenia’s ass, who the fuck cares about the designer, the design and everything else related to this word …

Xenia Tchoumitcheva is a model and an actress and this photoshoot was done for the Suicide Squad movie premiere in London. We know that high heels help women! You put a pair of these and (voila!) you are a babe: beautiful legs and round ass. Still, this piece of butt would definitely look great in any kind of shoes. Let’s just hope that this will not be the end of it and that we will see more and more similar photos. Xenia, our advice for you would be: KEEP IT UPSKIRT, HUN!

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July 29, 2016 in


Well, this is funny! It’s not Baywatch, Kelly! An upskirt where the BUTler can see your BUTT? You really want to tell me that you didn’t knew that this will happen if you will bend over? Mna, whatever! Let’s speak about that ass … It’s a 6 on my scale (from 1 to 10) of hot asses. Yes, I would bang her, but who wouldn’t? Maybe Hefner, since he has some other babes in his daily menu!

This sporty outfit she has probably made her think of the beach, where you can do that without getting the attention of people around you. What can I say? I am happy that these pictures take shape, since otherwise, we would have shit to see and to fap on. The only option left at that point would be  to get in bed with the wives.

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