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February 21, 2017 in

Mio Dio! Or what the Italians say every time they spot Bianca Balti! Of course, the jaw-drop is universal for everybody looking at this gallery of the Italian model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017. I gotta say, the series is proving to be amazing. After the two tennis players, we get a beautiful model, that appeared in Pirelli Calendar, was a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and showed off in several magazines. For us, she is modelling 13 different outfits, not to mention the topless contour!

She is really wicked, posing against the setting lights, but we see why she did it. When your tits look like that at 32, this is the thing to do… well maybe except posting them full frontal ;) If you were to put her on a scale of hotness, she would beat even the dangerous chilly at the top of the list. But not only she is hot, she is also dangerously pulling her bikini down, coming close to a perfect looking pussy – I bet! Words are not enough to describe this gallery so I’ll better leave you with the pics…and a box of tissues!

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February 16, 2017 in

She’s a triple A! Ashlen Alexandra Amazing! The model went topless at the beach in Miami, and she brought a friend! We are rather used to seeing models on the catwalk topless because you know, crazy designers. But she willingly exposed her lovely boobs adorned with nipple rings, on a sunny day for all the internet to see. And her boobs are just great, perfect for cupping, milky and smooth! The tits of a teenager! And she also had a pair of thong bikini underneath the regular bikini… I assume for better tanning exposure. But we got a great exposure of her ass as well! Who knew you could wear two pairs of bikinis on, at the same time.

Alexandra is also a good friend, just look at her holding the towel for her girl friend so she couls dress and undress unseen. Well good enough, she wore a fuchsia swimsuit as the towel dropped and provided her share of goodies to you, a nice and bright cameltoe. Enjoy!

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February 8, 2017 in

The #24 Issue of Fault Magazine brings a naked Tove Lo, proud and sassy! OK, she is naked in only one pic and topless in most. But we only need a picture of her nips to get an idea on how they look. And her tits look amazing in her 29th year of life! She is one round-up woman! Good looking body, bad ass tattoos, intriguing face, and of course a talented artist! She maybe known back in her home country as the saddest Swedish girl, but I have a feeling the fans love her even more for her raw feelings and the music experience she provides.

I mean you could love a girl like her, on her music, and have the most satisfying cigarette afterwards while questioning the meaning of life. Yes, she sure looks like she could drive one crazy and just to make sure, she combined her name for a suggesting stage name. How many of you thought of “tough love” when you first heard of Tove Lo?! I know now you will immediately think of her cute nips and boobies when you hear or see her name, and that’s even better!

January 31, 2017 in

Today we went from a huge ass to a really small one. And each works its attraction on us! Stella Maxwell‘s tushy looks almost innocent but then she arches her back and gives a run for their money to many girls out there! OK, I know some of you think anal when they hear tushy so I guess today’s theme word can be ass. But Stella really puts on a show while changing and posing for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie photo shoot in Miami. In one pic we get to enjoy a boob slip, in the first pics we see a cameltoe as clear as daylight, not to mention again her ass and ass cheecks!

It’s going to be a good collection by the looks of it! The yellow thong is something almost any girl should wear, it looks bonkers! Even I am confused if the two-piece was designed with a porn movie in mind or was just inspired from there? Gratefully, Stella Maxwell really puts on a show that keeps us going on…and on…and on!

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January 9, 2017 in

Whaaat?! Are you crazy?! If not, this gallery will sure make you crazy! Crazy in love with supermodel Heidi Klumtopless! We have a whole set of pics showing the gorgeous Heidi Klum and her boyfriend, Vito Schnabel. Well, he is least important but we have to thank him because he went for a dip down the beach and his girl got up to watch him. And when she got up, her chest in all its glory became visible for the cameras! She sunbathed topless on her balcony in Miami and was joined by her boyfriend later. She also wore a nude bikini and cool sunglasses, but nothing looked better on her than that missing bra…

When you look at those tits and her amazing body, you get why she is the well known supermodel we love. Despite the fact that she is 43 years old and has 4 children, she has a body to die for, incredibly perky tits and her lovely face surrounded by her natural, blonde hair. This is a good day for boob lovers all around!

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January 5, 2017 in

American model Samantha Gradoville posed topless for Transmission Magazine.

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December 29, 2016 in

Every time we go to the beach, we find fun stuff! In fact, some of these girls go there just to have fun… Well it is not the case for Bambi Northwood-Blyth because she was working on the beach – meaning she had a photo shoot. This doesn’t mean it is not fun for us. In fact I am delighted with her boobs! I am in love with her breasts, with her face, with her unaware figure! Ahh! The Australian model, who returned home for the holidays, was spotted in Sydney at a photo shoot, changing clothes. I don’t think this qualifies as a wardrobe malfunction, there was no changing room so she „had to” expose her breasts. And they look magnificent!

For the record, I want to thank both the designer of the clothes she showcased – because he or she made sure some tits would pop taking ’em on. And next, to the director of the photo shoot, he could have improvised a changing room from a sheet or something, but he let the model manage in open air. Now that the thanks ar done with, do enjoy the hot gallery below!

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December 13, 2016 in

My goth gosh! The people at Paper Magazine are boobs aficionados just like me. ;) They did their best to have Bella Hadid‘s boobs in almost every pic and we don’t mind! Let’s take it a bit slower and enjoy this gorgeous girl posing as the dark, quirky queen of our dreams. Her left nip is pierced by a bad ass nipple ring while she is staring perfectly in our eyes. Too bad we don’t stare back into her eyes… She then follows in a see through mesh of a dress, breasts blasting us! A hipster under boob is next, closely followed by a glam and mysterious cleavage… Whatever goes down there?!

A meritorious appearance of her chest is in a see thru corsage paired with a choker necklace and ponytails…they pressed so many buttons with this one I don’t even want to imagine what’s happening in your pants. And when you thought this was about Bella’s boobs, her ass cheeks appear at the top of very long legs undressed. Soft like a baby’s bottom! No wonder she is in our top preferences. Enjoy!

December 5, 2016 in


Guys, stop right here! Count 1-3-8 to slow your heart down and check out miss Daisy, Daisy Lea! Yes, you’ve guessed it, she is in a photo shoot for 138 Water in Malibu and let me tell you, the people at 138 Water never disappoint! Hell, they make it really hard for themselves actually, raising the bar with every tit and ass they photograph. Daisy is here wearing almost nothing and then something see through…so that makes it still almost nothing. In most pics, she is in a teensy, tiny, pink bikini thong…let’s just hope it’s one of her designs and other girls can buy this beachwear. And topless! She has her blonde hair to cover her good looking boobs and a few other props: one very envied bottle of water and her hands. Imagine if your face was touching her breasts like the said bottle of water! And she would lightly press you even closer…….

Welcome after the fap break! She also wears a white T-shirt on which she poured water just to make it see through. We are definitely not complaining as her fun nipples join the party! But something else may have joined the party also – look carefully for a possible pussy lip in one of the pics! If you are blindsided and you don’t see it, check out her last post with us here, where her pussy was clearly visible! And you get a complete image of one Daisy playmate!

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December 5, 2016 in


It sure is a good start of the week with all these topless girls! Blasting us with hard nipples right here is Chelsea Leyland on the beach in Miami. I said blasting because her nipples look like they are about to laser beam us! (Don’t) take cover! She is walking casually and topless, just listening to music as the cameras immortalize her boobs.

She has milky white skin that glistens in the sun, so you can tell she is British. To contrast her palor, she wore a very colorful bikini, pink sunglasses, a bandana and a head set. Now normally I wouldn’t include the head set to clothing but those wires got me all confused and appear in every pic. This shows that she takes her job seriously, listening to music even when she goes topless on the beach. She is a very successful DJ, a must actually at fashion events! But she doesn’t stop at music only, she is a trained actress and a New York fashionista! Her plans include starting a lingerie line and her work deejaying all those fashion shows hint she may have a clue. If not, she can have a career in our gallery!

November 17, 2016 in


Oh my God, I have to baptize my computer screen because it’s so dirty! You dirty, dirty girl, Emily! Look at what you make me do! Just keep doing it! ;) Our fav Emily Ratajkowski is topless in a thong swimsuit on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. This beach series surely pays off as we get to see the perfect boobs of Ratjkowski and her ass! What am I saying, looking at the pics and at the way she walks and cups her tits, this feels like a short erotic video of her, unfortunately pussy was not included. But at this point, I don’t even care, I am left speechless!

The short break was welcomed… So this hottie is only 25 and we have to thank one blurred song for bringing her to our attention. She gained a whole lot of attention actually since then and appeared in several erotic magazines. She is a favorite of our galleries and you can always check her here. And if you really want to see more, we have incredible offers of videos or pics where she leaves all clothes behind, to say so… Go get it!

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November 11, 2016 in


Finally someone celebrates the election in a way we can put to good use in our gallery. The hottie is Alicia Arden showing off her voter pride all covered with stickers. She is topless in nude thong panties in Calabasas, really, really celebrating. I mean she forced it a bit, but she just needed any reason to get undressed by the looks of it. She likes to drop her clothes quite often and you can check her out over and over again!

I think her efforts are worth appreciation since she is 47 years old. I also think her obvious slips are because she is 47… But she doesn’t need to worry, her body is still rocking! Actually, she looks better than some. You can stare at those boobs and drool, or even check out her ass and spank it properly! Let’s not discriminate and show some love for Alicia,  she voted after all! ;)

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