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December 22, 2016 in

It’s that time of the year again! You might think it’s about the obvious X-mas around the corner, but I’m actually talking about that time of the year when hot celebrities finally do have a reason for their parties and goodies slips… And look how festive Poppy Delevingne got for LOVE Magazine’s Christmas Party in London! She put on a black, slight see thru dress, while at the same time going braless! There is no other way to go when your gift to the world is a pair of spectacular boobies!

The blonde is a legitimate model in her 30’s, but younger generations might know her little sister better. Yes, the name is a hint, I’m talking about Cara Delevingne who you can also check in our gallery! But don’t dismiss Poppy too soon – the extra years, I always believe, add invaluable experience  And when you talk about a model, having that besides incredible good looks, means you have a great package! Check Poppy in her celebratory outfit and think about it…

December 19, 2016 in

Call back the 90’s, they sent a pair of pants to the future! Well it is no ordinary pair because Bella Hadid is wearing them. The supermodel went for a night out in New York City in tied up cowboy pants…I actually can’t tell what the hell is going on with her outfit… So I will let the trousers go and focus on her midriff.

Now that is a tiny waist! She looks like you could wrap her with one arm and if you squeezed her tight – she might just break! Such lovely and delicate features almost ruined by laces and weird fashion! She was on her game though with the one shoulder top, almost see through in the flash lights! So we still had a view of the shape of her nipple and boobs. And since she is a super model, that’s worth something! A sweet addition were her braided tails, that were as well reminiscent of the 90’s! If you prefer something else from Bella, don’t worry, we have her in our gallery multiple times and you can check her out here for example!

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December 17, 2016 in

Who knew the new dress code for eating out is one tit out? Girls, follow Millie’s example and let me see you with your tits on the table! Put ’em out! ;)

Meanwhile Millie Mackintosh arrived at Bo Lang Restaurant in London in a golden outfit with a see thru lace top and satin pants. She casually exposes her boob and nipple, like it’s nothing much! Well the internet likes it very much! And she gave us a lot of reasons, if we quickly scan her from top to bottom. She has a sexy face, fit for a sex tape if you ask me. We then get to her breasts, one of which warmly says “Hello!” with a lovely poking nipple. The lace gives way and exposes her midriff, and from the tiny waist, the shape of a round ass is obvious because of the satin pants that fit her perfectly! Also perfect for that sex tape I was wishing for are her high heels that prolong her already long legs! In a few words, Millie is smoking hot and gives us high fever!

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December 16, 2016 in

Well slap my face and stare again! Are those free boobies? Are those tits hanging loose? Are those nips sprouting through the blouse? Blouse is something too much to call the entirely sheer Vivienne Westwood Top that Keke Palmer wore. She arrived to give an „interview” for Beats 1 Radio in NYC on Tuesday. Did you notice the quote marks I put on interview? Well that’s because I bet everyone was focused on what she had to say…not on those breasts visible as day light! Ooops, I did it again! I should cut back on the sarcasm because she did wear an oversized Maroon Bomber Jacket, matched with jeans and Versace accessories.

So it truly was an impressive outfit despite the freebies. And we should also give her a big thumb up for being extremely confident, while going braless and posing to the cameras. I should also mention she is only 23 so she has a long way ahead of her, let’s just hope her goodies will look this good for the rest of her career. Or should I say „career”?! Never mind, just check out the pics!

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December 13, 2016 in

My goth gosh! The people at Paper Magazine are boobs aficionados just like me. ;) They did their best to have Bella Hadid‘s boobs in almost every pic and we don’t mind! Let’s take it a bit slower and enjoy this gorgeous girl posing as the dark, quirky queen of our dreams. Her left nip is pierced by a bad ass nipple ring while she is staring perfectly in our eyes. Too bad we don’t stare back into her eyes… She then follows in a see through mesh of a dress, breasts blasting us! A hipster under boob is next, closely followed by a glam and mysterious cleavage… Whatever goes down there?!

A meritorious appearance of her chest is in a see thru corsage paired with a choker necklace and ponytails…they pressed so many buttons with this one I don’t even want to imagine what’s happening in your pants. And when you thought this was about Bella’s boobs, her ass cheeks appear at the top of very long legs undressed. Soft like a baby’s bottom! No wonder she is in our top preferences. Enjoy!

December 11, 2016 in

Another girl duo comes our way from the Equlity Now’s 3rd Annual “Make Equality Reality” Gala in Beverly Hills. This time they are actresses Aubrey Plaza and Mae Whitman. You can tell there is a difference from the Victoria’s Secret Angels we saw here and these stars, and I am not talking about height… It’s just that only Aubrey is willing to put out something for the internet in a see thru dress that slightly hints her panties. More clearly we can see her nipples, like two beads adorning her boobies. And we have to give her credits for not wearing a bra so we could check out her nips! That’s how to do it girls, no bra day everyday!

Meanwhile Mae wore black pants and a white top that could have been interesting had it shown her midriff at least. Nonetheless, this still is a gallery of two good looking women holding each other and we can use our imagination for the rest…

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December 9, 2016 in

Holiday season is fast approaching and all sorts of offers are available. So please allow me to give you a two-for-one gallery of Elsa Hosk and Martha Hunt at Victoria’s Secret Viewing Party in New York City. Oh yeah! They are both models, tall, skinny, blue eyed blondes and over 27 years old. Their age is a definite plus as they had the time to gain experience…all sorts of experience…and they are also in really good shape. I mean really, really good! You don’t have to believe me, just look below at the girls and their revealing outfits. And apart from gorgeous, angelic faces you will see through Elsa’s dress to some hard nipples. She paired her see thru dress with over the knee black boots which are really kinky and tasty pokies!

Martha, on the other hand, opted for a dark blue dress and feminine sandals. Both girls posed like the true angels they are and they surely fulfilled a lot of menage a trois  fantasies… I mean, let’s be real, you have two Victoria’s Secret Angels holding each other and smiling to the camera… For me, things go only one way! If you are also outspoken, share yours after the picture viewing break!

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December 6, 2016 in


When I thought we are done with the Oscars and red carpet outfits, I was taken by surprise by the 30th FN Achievement Awards in New York, which are also known as the Shoe Oscars. I mean who doesn’t love shoes?! Imagine your girl on a pair of high heels with her ass cheeks in the wind… Unfortunately Rihanna opted for some sneakers – by her design – and a rather sporty outfit with “Securite” written all over it. There is still reason for joy as her black top is see through straight to her nipple ring! Who would have imagined that an all black, baggy outfit would reveal so much?! Thankfully, she wears no bra and her nipples are hard enough to point to our eyes!

Hands down to Riri, she is one successful young woman: starting from music, acting, to collaborations in shoe design and not limited to, this 28 year old comes close to Midas. And on top of her achievements, she rocks a smoking hot body that she dresses with good taste. Or undresses… check her out with fewer clothes on here or here! Have your pick!

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December 5, 2016 in


Guys, stop right here! Count 1-3-8 to slow your heart down and check out miss Daisy, Daisy Lea! Yes, you’ve guessed it, she is in a photo shoot for 138 Water in Malibu and let me tell you, the people at 138 Water never disappoint! Hell, they make it really hard for themselves actually, raising the bar with every tit and ass they photograph. Daisy is here wearing almost nothing and then something see through…so that makes it still almost nothing. In most pics, she is in a teensy, tiny, pink bikini thong…let’s just hope it’s one of her designs and other girls can buy this beachwear. And topless! She has her blonde hair to cover her good looking boobs and a few other props: one very envied bottle of water and her hands. Imagine if your face was touching her breasts like the said bottle of water! And she would lightly press you even closer…….

Welcome after the fap break! She also wears a white T-shirt on which she poured water just to make it see through. We are definitely not complaining as her fun nipples join the party! But something else may have joined the party also – look carefully for a possible pussy lip in one of the pics! If you are blindsided and you don’t see it, check out her last post with us here, where her pussy was clearly visible! And you get a complete image of one Daisy playmate!

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December 3, 2016 in


Well I kid you not, we have a bad ass over here! Say hello to Rose McGowan in a see thru, black top over at “Charliewood Exhibition Opening” in New York. And it truly is an exhibition with those nipples on! She stole my heart a few years ago playing Paige in the show Charmed and today, her see through steals the spotlight! If any of you remember her as a young witch just holler in the comments section. Meanwhile enjoy the show from the gallery, be it a slideshow with nips and great boobies!

She is 43 nowadays but she still knows how to have fun, playing with her friend’s hair with nipples in plain sight! Maybe it has something to do with her three year relationship to Marilyn Manson, or maybe she is as fun like that! Either way, I love your nipply tits Rose, and look forward to seeing ’em again soon!

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December 3, 2016 in

Lizzie Cundy braless in a see through dress at Little White Lies collection.

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November 28, 2016 in


What a glorious day to be grateful! And to show her gratitude, Mariah Carey went shopping on Thanksgiving Day braless. Let me make it clearer, as she shopped for the traditional turkey she showed us her traditional nipples in a white, fitted blouse… She had a strapped cleavage all the way to her belly button holding her big boobs in place, mirrored on her back! Her lovely pokies bejeweled her chest, alongside her diamond necklaces. Now that is one way you could go shopping, surrounded by a crew of people – her entourage – dressed down so you could look glamorous, adorning sparkly jewels and shades, while buying fowl.

Don’t let my mild sarcasm fool you, the 46-47 years old diva is performing three sold out concerts in Oahu, Hawaii, where the pics were taken. She is one of the best-selling music artist of all times with a career spanning over 3 decades, from 1988 and still going. Her good vocals and round body sure mesmerized a lot of people! Today, let’s enjoy her melons poking through to our screens and hope clearer pictures are to come!

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