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Winter is coming! No, GoT fans, not that winter… Ariel Winter is coming big with her big ass! She has been in our gallery a few times now, and every time we get to see more and more of her! Last times it was all about her big boobs that went through surgery for breast reduction… That is not your typical Hollywood surgery if you ask anyone!

But this time, it’s all about that ass! She attended the Vanity Fair & L’Oreal Paris Toast to Young Hollywood and continued the party at the Deliah Restaurant, where she stopped for a few autographs. I guess though, some people were there waiting for her to turn around, it’s not that her smile is not pretty… But she wore a sheer lace skirt over a cut out thong body. Suffice to say that the see through lace didn’t hide her cheeks, in fact she looked hotter than if she had been in a thong only. Her legs looked impeccable also, the simple heels perfectly fitted the outfit. All in all – Yes, Winter! Come more often!

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February 27, 2017 in

I love a good photo shoot, that is why I started last week a gallery of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 – be sure to check it out here! And even though today’s gallery is not from the series, it might as well be. Because ot features Elsa Hosk on the beach, in St. Barts, all wet and hotter than ever. The Swedish model looks so good, and I am not talking about her being sexy almost naked, but of her having incredibly good genes so that it wouldn’t matter what she wore – she’d still be incre-f*cking- dibly hot!

On this occasion, she posed in a grey bikini and a see through blouse. Well see thru is mostly correct, but the blouse is wet with a wide cleavage. You get a good look of the boobs – nipples included. And as she took it on, while she was braless in the sand, we got a pretty clear view of her side boob with a nip slip on top! What could you ask for more?! A blue-eyed, blonde, foreign model with tits showing and all wet…

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February 27, 2017 in

In preparation for the Oscars, I thought we could check out the 59th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, some two weeks ago. And oh boy! Am I glad I did! We would almost have missed out on Demi Lovato in a lovely dress and with possibly no underwear. I’ll take the possibility and raise you a see through material. I mean just check out the lines of her inner thighs, as they come close and meet… Where could a panty hide beneath all those strings do that we wouldn’t see it?! I don’t know, Demi Lovato, but you sure as hell got us all curious!

Another noce feature of the dress is the cut out cleavage. I must say, it has an unusual shape but it shows some nice boobs that remind me of apples! They are medium size, firm and juicy! I’d take a bite at ’em! And with her looking so serious and cocky, some screams and moans would be just perfect! I “lovato” her!

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February 25, 2017 in

Camila Morrone displaying her pierced nipples on the red carpet at the Britt Awards.

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February 24, 2017 in

Long time no see! It must be spring because Kate Hudson is blooming just before our eyes! And I’m talking about her boob looking perfect for a sniff! Her hard nipple is just like the flower’s stem – the sweet part in the middle… And it so perfectly blends with the floral dress! Do you see the benefit of going braless? It is not only that we can see through the material to the good parts, but also the breast is free and feels good.

The hottie was out in West Hollywood looking as good as ever; it feels like only yesterday she was trying to lose a guy in 10 days… We come off quicker, Kate, if you ever wanna pick a guy from the audience for your experiments. But still, can you believe she is 37? She must have got her mother’s good genes. After all, Goldie Hawn was a goldie! Hmm, now this brings to mind some mother and daughter moments – except that they are both young starring in my movie…

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February 20, 2017 in

The Harvey Weinstein pre BAFTAs dinner took place in London. What, you weren’t invited?! No biggie, because Rebecca Hall was and the actress dressed just the way I like it. With no bra on…aaand in a see thru blouse… I might add it was black and that is perfect for the camera’s flash, it sees right through. So clearly that we noticed a tit was hanging lower and looking to the other side, it must have been blinded by all the lights. Or maybe it is a wanderer boob, looking for great adventures beyond the bra and clothes…

A great pair of tits indeed! Their shape is round and beautiful and in the brisky London air, those nips just got hard on us. If her husband didn’t get a hard on, Rebecca can count on us – her perky nips are sure to turn on our buttons… This is one 34 year old hottie, tall, lean and mean!

February 18, 2017 in

Third time’s a charm…or maybe not?! We’ve seen Paris Jackson in Paris here, braless here and once again today! Once you enter the stage, be sure the paparazzi will follow and they caught a pretty picture of the young woman going braless. I might add, as always! And that’s a good thing, she embraces titties freedom! On top of things, her top is also see through showing, naturally, her nips.

Of course her pierced nipples are hard not to see in any outfit, specially the one in Paris. She looks quite different from that photo shoot without all the make-up, but since she is only getting coffee in Los Angeles, we should appreciate her natural look… After all, boobs and nipples – job complete! She revealed enough skin in that top to last us a while… I mean we’ve also got a view of her midriff, tattoos and pierces alike. I must mention though, her pants are far from Chanel’s collection she promoted…

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February 18, 2017 in

Kendall Jenner sexy photo shoot in see through top.

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We have Kourtney Kardashian arriving at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, ’nuff said! That is, you expect her to go braless and make us really happy! And today, besides going without a bra, her blouse is see through so we get the nicest view of her nips and boobs. And with a Kardashian, everything is inflated… Her boobs are big, her ass is huge, even her hair is long and fluffy! But what really strikes me are her shoes. Those thin stilettos are capable of supporting a barbie with really big figures without snapping. They prolong the thin ankles she has, contrasting with her wide thighs…

I’m also curious, did the jeans button pop? She paired the nude see thru top with a pair of high waist jeans which she held in all the pics. So could it be that something went wrong? She shouldn’t have worried though, those jeans can’t fall off because they can’t get past her ass without serious pulling… and I bet some guys are pulling at those jeans even now!

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February 14, 2017 in

The Grammy Awards are here! Hooray! For me it is always a reason for joy because there are a lot of hotties dressing up. And from all the stars, the singers wear the craziest outfits! Of course Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t disappoint ever, but she really took it up a notch at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala in Beverly Hills. She chose a really sexy, see through dress to show her hot body. And apart from the dress she wore no bra, so when I say see thru, I really mean it! Just check out the pics!

You’ll lay eyes on the most gorgeous pair of boobs in the industry, with cherries on top… uh, nipples! Yes, her nips are piercing the mesh see thru material. And that only makes her look even more badass, braless and badass! See what I mean by looking at her smug, sexy face! She oouzes sex in this dress and is not afraid to linger in front of the cameras so we can enjoy her…and ourselves…Enjoy!

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February 10, 2017 in

Wait what!? Is this the same Paris Jackson posing for Chanel? I thought princesses don’t fuel up? Well luckily Paris is not a princess but a hot girl at a gas station in Los Angeles. She is undeniably pretty but I like even more about her the fact that she doesn’t wear a bra. How many girls are out there with no bra in a see thru top, looking all fun and casual? Of course not many girls fit the description but things really narrow down when you ask how many of them have pierced nipples… So Paris is hot and pretty and versatile.

One day she can be a pin up girl on a poster and on other times, the girl next door everybody loves. Some more than others! How could you not ?! when showing her boobs is not enough, she also has a nice midriff on display and really cut out jeans with sneakers. A true girl next door…

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When I usually travel I tend to pack the wrong clothes for everything and end up carrying half my wardrobe just to make sure. But that’s only me. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian don’t seem to have such a problem. They have perfectly good looking tits so why should they pack a bra?! Atta girls! This is how I like ’em – braless and in transparent clothes. Hell, they probably had only cabin luggage since their dresses are on the small size. Kim’s is actually having a hard time covering her ass, the famous big one. We also have a hard time in our lower area…

And then Kylie decided to go in a feathery jumpsuit with a generous cleavage to show her pumped up chest. Did I mention their clothes are rather see thru? You can check out Kim’s nips as clear as day light. That’s even in the dark, at night – because here, they were heading for dinner while on vacation in Costa Rica. I wonder what else happened on that vacation?!…

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