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February 18, 2017 in

Third time’s a charm…or maybe not?! We’ve seen Paris Jackson in Paris here, braless here and once again today! Once you enter the stage, be sure the paparazzi will follow and they caught a pretty picture of the young woman going braless. I might add, as always! And that’s a good thing, she embraces titties freedom! On top of things, her top is also see through showing, naturally, her nips.

Of course her pierced nipples are hard not to see in any outfit, specially the one in Paris. She looks quite different from that photo shoot without all the make-up, but since she is only getting coffee in Los Angeles, we should appreciate her natural look… After all, boobs and nipples – job complete! She revealed enough skin in that top to last us a while… I mean we’ve also got a view of her midriff, tattoos and pierces alike. I must mention though, her pants are far from Chanel’s collection she promoted…

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February 18, 2017 in

English actress Scarlett Byrne posed nude in Playboy Magazine!

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February 18, 2017 in

Sophie Turner showing her long legs and also a deep cleavage at the British Film Awards.

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February 18, 2017 in

Kendall Jenner sexy photo shoot in see through top.

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February 16, 2017 in

She’s a triple A! Ashlen Alexandra Amazing! The model went topless at the beach in Miami, and she brought a friend! We are rather used to seeing models on the catwalk topless because you know, crazy designers. But she willingly exposed her lovely boobs adorned with nipple rings, on a sunny day for all the internet to see. And her boobs are just great, perfect for cupping, milky and smooth! The tits of a teenager! And she also had a pair of thong bikini underneath the regular bikini… I assume for better tanning exposure. But we got a great exposure of her ass as well! Who knew you could wear two pairs of bikinis on, at the same time.

Alexandra is also a good friend, just look at her holding the towel for her girl friend so she couls dress and undress unseen. Well good enough, she wore a fuchsia swimsuit as the towel dropped and provided her share of goodies to you, a nice and bright cameltoe. Enjoy!

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February 16, 2017 in

Wow what a pack! A soda aaand a burger… Of course I am kidding, the hot menu tonight is Rachel McCord in the tiny bikini. She decided to do a photo shoot for Carl’s Jr. at Venice Beach in California. I guess that this is not something hot girls usually promote but I should say we are lucky Rachel took the job. And what a hot job it turned out to be!

The hottie spread in the sand alongside the cheery star logo of the restaurant looking as sexy as she could with a burger in her hands. That’s an odd piece of meat to be holding dressed like that, posing like that… But alas, I’ll stop thinking about how she would look with a d*ck in her hand and move on the her under boobs. That’s the way to wear a swim bra, if you are not opting for a pastie! In the end, the shoot is a success for the “fast” lovers of food and sex, but I feel like urging her to really eat that burger and a couple of things more…

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We have Kourtney Kardashian arriving at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, ’nuff said! That is, you expect her to go braless and make us really happy! And today, besides going without a bra, her blouse is see through so we get the nicest view of her nips and boobs. And with a Kardashian, everything is inflated… Her boobs are big, her ass is huge, even her hair is long and fluffy! But what really strikes me are her shoes. Those thin stilettos are capable of supporting a barbie with really big figures without snapping. They prolong the thin ankles she has, contrasting with her wide thighs…

I’m also curious, did the jeans button pop? She paired the nude see thru top with a pair of high waist jeans which she held in all the pics. So could it be that something went wrong? She shouldn’t have worried though, those jeans can’t fall off because they can’t get past her ass without serious pulling… and I bet some guys are pulling at those jeans even now!

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February 15, 2017 in

Wow, a new erotica on tonight! Two insanely hot models playing on the beach in Miami. Selena Weber & Lauren Ashley were playing with a ball…in the sand…in front of the camera… And that’s not even the end of it, they were wearing thong bikinis that show their gorgeous butts! We got also a cameltoe from Serena and a really nice ass crack as she checks her tushy for sand. And my gosh that’s a nice view! Look at those thin tan lines! The color, the cheeks, the crack! I’m going crazy over ass despite a strong liking of boobs!

The two were having fun running and jumping around. Check out Lauren with the wind blowing in her hair! This is a perfect photoshoot to inspire you, to make you want to go to the beach…or to your dark, secret place. You know, the one you get it on with two models! ;)

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February 14, 2017 in

The Grammy Awards are here! Hooray! For me it is always a reason for joy because there are a lot of hotties dressing up. And from all the stars, the singers wear the craziest outfits! Of course Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t disappoint ever, but she really took it up a notch at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala in Beverly Hills. She chose a really sexy, see through dress to show her hot body. And apart from the dress she wore no bra, so when I say see thru, I really mean it! Just check out the pics!

You’ll lay eyes on the most gorgeous pair of boobs in the industry, with cherries on top… uh, nipples! Yes, her nips are piercing the mesh see thru material. And that only makes her look even more badass, braless and badass! See what I mean by looking at her smug, sexy face! She oouzes sex in this dress and is not afraid to linger in front of the cameras so we can enjoy her…and ourselves…Enjoy!

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February 13, 2017 in

Romeo, oh, Romeo! I’m pretty sure Chloe Goodman was not calling her Romeo while on a balcony in Tenerife… I think she was calling out some paparazzi to put her great body in the spotlight! After all, a reality TV star is made through such appearances. She wore a small bikini in white and emerald colors and even bent a little for the camera… Her big boobs looked as good as ever all pumped up, bouncing in her swimsuit.

Unfortunately she didn’t go for a swim to get all wet… but went on a stroll to exercise her catwalk! She was endearing trying to please all her fans as she also took some selfies for social media. You know, our media is great with people, but the fans – fap instead of giving a “like”… And after all, she can’t blame us since she is the one who started it going half naked on a balcony!

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February 11, 2017 in

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February 11, 2017 in

Oh come on now! Why are you doing this, Kylie? She is hiding her face while in Calabasas with Tyga and I must tell you, she was trying to hide one thing while seriously showing something else. Well, not showing per se, but with that huge cameltoe I don’t think much will be a surprise… Kylie Jenner wore leggings, a sweater, a baseball cap and of course, a fancy bag! I think she hid her face because in fact she didn’t want to look at herself, at her outfit. Or maybe, there wasn’t enough make-up on?!

Who knows… But we weren’t going to stare at her perfectly spruced face anyway. Not with those tight pants gripping her pussy like that. Too bad we don’t have a pic of her big ass as well, or even a cleavage because she has goodies in all the right places. But don’t despair, only this week we’ve seen her from her holiday in Costa Rica so you can always check her here

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