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January 18, 2017 in

Peopleee! Invite Christina Milian to parties because she likes to dress less! She has the boobs to make an appearance and when she pairs those big tits with a see thru bra, the party is on fire! Too bad for the jacket, she covered her nips but we know they were hiding in plain sight! She attended the YSL Beauty Club party in Los Angeles in a really mini white, dress. Her signature cute smile was on and the boobs were about to pop! All the ingredients to a perfect night out!

The one in a millian petite made us shed a few tears back at her birthday party where she taped her nips. You can check that out here. In fact, browse the gallery for this hottie because she is not that innocent after all! She know what her assets are, and I, as a boob fanatic love her even more for bringing the girls out every time there is a party and a camera in sight… Looking forward to seeing some of her videos!

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January 6, 2017 in

What’s up with all the Bellas’ that come to our gallery that they bring the 90’s style back? We’ve seen Bella Hadid last week in a retro ensemble and today Bella Thorne comes strong in a corsage, red leather pants, and the funkiest of all, a black belt with stars and rhinestones on it… She was caught leaving Rae Sremmurd’s birthday party in Los Angeles in this outfit.

Letting go of the belt, her corset in mean business with a deep cleavage and a possible nip slip. Yes, look again, it was hard for me to see it at first also. But her tits mesmerized me and after a lot of staring – I saw it. The cheeky girl, hiding everything in plain sight! You can also see the hint of her areola closely to the edge of the fabric and the nipple falls into place right at the center of the flower pattern. Also incredibly hot are her legs in the tight leather pants, such pants will never be out of style… Come again Bella, and bring back or out whatever you want!

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Oh, snap! Just look at Victoria Silvstedt on holiday in St. Barts. This will be as straight forward as it gets! She has a great body – in fact „great” is talking down that body if you take into account that she is a whopping 42 years old hottie! She is in a tiny bikini and her curves are perfectly rounding up to big boobs and nice ass! A slight nipple peek is visible as her tits bounce in front of the cameras. The girl is not shy!

She is one of Sweden’s best exports, with a long and successful career. She started as Miss Sweden, continued as a Playboy Playmate – in several issues and magazines, if I may add – continued as a model, actress, singer, promoter, designer and presenter. She has so many endeavors I just hope I didn’t forget any. And if I did, I wouldn’t mind, because I want to keep my head occupied with her perfect cougar body…

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This time of the year, when celebrities hurry to warmer places, we are bound to have a mishap or two, and today we bring you one. It’s Lady Victoria Hervey‘s swimsuit malfunction! Even though it’s a bit too much to call some ladies celebrities, I won’t change the status-quo of their status now and leave lady Victoria to her fame. Meanwhile, let us focus on her nipple slip! She wore a white swimsuit on the beach, in Barbados, with a low-cut back and a deep-plunge cleavage. I guess her nip slip was because of that cleavage?! Unless it was staged, but it’s good either way!

Granted, she doesn’t have the best looking chest and her tits go towards the small sizes, but a tit is a tit and a nipple a nip! They deserve our love, it is after all the holiday season! I will overlook her braided hair as well, and put it on the Barbadian style she tried on. It is better to appreciate her strengths, like that mean ass or the cold nip that fought to escape to our screens! Good job, little guy!

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December 28, 2016 in

Ho, ho, ho! Merry holidays! In order to help you celebrate, this star covered herself in Christmas lights – only… Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the one and only Maitland Ward! She so gracefully let a nip slip and played along with the lights. Oh, wait, she also wears a Christmas hat and a festive pair of undies, while otherwise being topless. Almost didn’t notice her other pieces of garment with all that pale skin and ginger hair in my face and big breasts decorated! Attagirl!

Maitland loves the internet as much as it loves her because she never missed an opportunity to celebrate special moments with us with almost nude pics. You can check her out here, or even there, or almost everywhere! But this Christmas edition is eye candy with her holding that candy in her mouth while holding her boobies in her hands. If you look closely, she even painted her nails accordingly! And once she dimmed the light, everything turned red and fuzzy! Just like we feel right about now…

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Her stage name may combine French fashion symbol, but that doesn’t suffice for a gracious gallery with Chanel West Coast… This only proves how difficult it is to capture the perfect selfie and that the rest of your body may look awkward as you smile to the front camera. The 28 year old was having fun with friends on the beach in Miami and wanted to share her fun stuff with the world. Who could blame her?!

We therefor get to enjoy in all its glory a big boob slip. Her cleavage wasn’t quite right for the camera so she accidentally exposed her right tit with nipple and all. We later enjoy a view of her ass as she undresses in the one piece bikini. The struggle is real, just try taking a selfie in this highly competitive environment…you really have to step up your game! And Chanel does just that for our gallery, she shows us her chest and ass cheeks and if you’ve been fooled by my introduction, check out the pics and you won’t regret it!

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December 22, 2016 in

It always takes you aback everytime a Disney princess grows up, doesn’t it?! They reveal their goodies like they have major daddy issues, and more often than not, they stick their tongue out! The tongue thing is clearly associated to Miley Cyrus (who you can check out here by the way), but Bella Thorne also does a good job sticking it out! Hell, she does an amazing job with that underboob, so I forgive you if you didn’t quite see anything else… She is a delight without a bra, her perky tits are right where they are supposed to. And luckily for us, her top isn’t, so we can catch a glimpse of her areola and puffy nipples.

Come on, by some standards this counts as an ALMOST nip slip, by our dear Bella on the beach in Miami. I saw that there was some fuss over who was also with her – the boy I mean – but excuse me for not caring that much about who says what when I have the hottest babe with big boobs in boots! On my computer screen! Seriously guyz, check her out and get back to me!

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December 2, 2016 in


So I guess the concerts were a success for Mariah Carey since she is at the beach in Maui, Hawaii, unwinding. And as she let her hair down she also had a small nipple slip. That’s sweet! Her nipple is minuscule and freezing and there is no sun in sight to warm her up… Leave it to us to give it a try! But be warned, who ever wants a piece of Mariah will get a lot! She is in a bikini but she has a whole lot of body! Just daaamn!

She looks different from the other day in the gallery here, but she is still a diva! When you have a big booty you need to rock it properly! So Mariah leaned over some rocks in a sexy pose. She then kneeled in the waves, slipped her tits and smiled like she has no care in the world. But hey, maybe that’s true! We are just lucky the cameras were there to catch her freezing nip. Take her away, boyz!

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November 24, 2016 in

Tove Lo nude while masturbating in her “Fairy Dust” Music Video.

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November 14, 2016 in


Look who just waltzed it! No one other than Jasmine Waltz with her big boobs! She was at Catch Restaurant in West Hollywood – that place gathers more celebrities than honey attracts bears or flies… And we are nothing but delighted with this girls’ appearance! She had an all black outfit, tight and revealing! She also experienced a wardrobe malfunction, or how you all know by now, a boob slip! I think drum rolls were heard when that thing broke out, fireworks and music started, people went crazy!!! By people I mean me, you, me again :) But cmmon, seriously?

That was an accidental slip? That thing was designed to let the tits go loose! And let’s say “Job well done!” to Jasmine for picking it out! Not only her breast was visible as day light but would you look at that pointy nipple with it’s huge areola? I don’t know what you like to eat or drink, but I would definitely eat that up!

Enough talk! Just watch, click, expand, expand, expand…

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October 24, 2016 in


Daaaamn! She slipped it, bro! I mean, come the BEEP on! Wanna tell me that this was an accident? It is an accident when you have ugly tits, saggy, whatever the hell, but when you have such beautiful breasts, you want the whole word to see them! So don’t sell me shit, cause I cannot believe it. This is not an ordinary nipple slip from Lizzie Cundy, but an on-purpose thing.

She’s braless, dude, at a party In London done by PINK Ribbon Foundation – the pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness! WTF, Lizzie? You want people to see how healthy your boobs are? In the end, who cares? We’ve seen the nip, we’ve seen the “WOW!” on her face, we are satisfied! Real men want to see titties everywhere and these celebrities know that! They should also know that real women swallow! Heh, just kidding … (Or not?).

September 24, 2016 in


Cross my heart and swear to die – if that isn’t Sofia Richie‘s nipple visible from a downblouse! This girl likes to go braless and that’s just fine by us! She had an interesting cleavage that let her boobs slip, her nipples showed up a couple of times in a short period of time while she was out shopping with a girlfriend in Los Angeles.

She threw in a peace sign to the camera, but we care most about her breasts saying “Hello!” to the world. I mean she can say it, she can sing it, she can go butt naked, her dad’s song can play in the background, only show us some love! And if she listened carefully to the lyrics, she should know that the answer to the question “Is it me you’re looking for?” is a definite YES! We are looking forward to seeing you more often in our gallery, maybe next time wearing a thong only? Just sayin’…

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