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Mara Teigen Braless In See Through Dress At Catch Restaurant In Los Angeles

November 8, 2016 in


Catch Restaurant in Los Angeles must be really something to bring so many celebrities together, and almost all are braless. Just yesterday we had Pamela Anderson there and today we see Mara Teigen braless at the same spot! Isn’t that something?! And these girls have really big, gorgeous boobs… Another bonus is Mara’s see thru top that lets you check out her nips as well! She wore all black – leather boots and skirt and the see through top to the nipples mentioned above.

If you don’t know her by her round boobs, you might recognize her permanent pout from Instagram… That’s by a longer shot though since she started her „career” only three years ago. :D The 22 year old model has been said that looks very much like Angelina Jolie but I will let you compare and check Angie in our gallery here and have your say. Nonetheless both are smoking hot, while Jolie has experience under her belt, Mara has youth and willingness… Let me just say I’ll keep an eye on both girls, hope you do the same!


One Comment to Mara Teigen Braless In See Through Dress At Catch Restaurant In Los Angeles

  1. Addax says:

    Not a celebrity, not related to Chrissy Teigan. Sure, she’s done some catalog modeling. This is a PSA, to any men in the SoCal area: Mara is just one of thousands of the LA club skanks, borderline escort/call girl, who’s mission in life is to hunt down the richest (ideally married) man they can find, who’s careless enough to knock them up. Mara and her friends, hit up the “hottest” venues in an around LA, Hollywood, Malibu, Etc.. Their life goal is to trap the richest guy they can find who is dumb enough to f*** them, fly them around and buy them things. Ultimately, they hope that one of these wealthy (married) men will slip up just enough to put a baby in one of these gold digging escorts. That way, between the child support, hush money and blackmail payments, they will be set for life. If you see this girl, or any of her friends, be very careful. They are good at what they do and they have no problem letting you f*** them wherever/however you’d like, make sure you use your own condoms and some kind of ***icide. When your done, make sure that condom goes down the toilet. I’m not kidding you, keep track of every drop of your stuff, unless you want to be on the hook for the next 18+ years paying child support, hush/blackmail money. You’re better off just walking away but I know how it gets when you’re a little drunk and you got two-three model-ish girls telling you they want to have a 3-4sum if you get a suite at the Mondrian. I’m telling you, do not trust any of these girls, especially Mara. Don’t use their condoms, they are definitely NOT on the pill, be careful. Even if you’re not wealthy, girls like this will bleed you dry. Mara, the Chelseas, Jordyn, Leelee, Noelle, Cora, Brittany, Ashley, Chanel, Natasha, Jordan, it really doesn’t matter, they are all gaming you. Using the only thing they have to hustle, because they know that it won’t last forever. It’s really not worth it.. Take it from someone who knows. Anyway, not a celebrity and not a real model, just a mid level escort and should be treated accordingly.

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