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Kimberley Garner showed some nice cleavage in an amazing dress at Fabulous Fund Fair in London!

November 16, 2017 in

Kimberley Garner wearing a thong bikini on the beach in Miami.

October 31, 2017 in

Kimberley Garner looking super sexy in bikini in Ibiza. Apparently she was modeling her own swimwear collection. Enjoy!

August 21, 2017 in

Kimberley Garner looking smoking hot in blue swimsuit while in St. Tropez.

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Kimberley Garner wearing a see-thru dress and no bra at de GRISOGONO “Love on the Rocks” party in Cannes. I’m sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been away for a few days and I’m going to post updates shortly. You’ll love what’s coming next! :)

Kimberley Garner upskirt while out shopping for flowers in Beverly Hills. Wearing a white dress, Kimberley showed off her beautiful legs and a bit of cleavage. Enjoy!

March 13, 2017 in

Kimberley Garner ass cheeks upskirt while on the set of “Sweetheart” in Los Angeles.


Is this for real? Is this a usual day for Kimberley Garner? Daaaaaamn, daaat ass! Dude, WTF! She’s so hot! That upskirt makes me write stupid stuff in this article. Hmm, let’s calm down! So you know Kimberley. She’s that girl who’s into swimwear design and who’s a television personality, actress and socialite. And you also know that she is drop dead gorgeous.

Supposedly, Kimberley was out shopping in St. Tropez. Ass flashing, showing the booty, upskirt in the air! What can I say – St. Tropez has a way of exposing people. I hope that one day she will be out shopping on my street, too. In the summer, of course, cause I don’t really want to see her with a lot of clothes on. Oh, another thing. As I said before, I’m not into fashion, but I can say that I like her roman-like sandals. Good girl this Kimberley!


Look, it’s the golden fish! We can now ask 3 wishes … Hmm, let me think! My first wish would be this – “Golden fish, please lose the bikini” … And you can imagine my next two! Kimberley Garner, ladies and gentlemen, in a golden swimsuit on a beach in St. Tropez.

Pokies: checked! Cameltoe: checked! Round and pretty big ass in bikini: checked. And damn, how that thong looks on her ass! I think I’m in love … But who can resist, when it comes to Kimberley? For fuck sake, she is one of the most beautiful women on this blog, so it’s absolutely normal to be so excited when she’s around on a page where I write an article. If you don’t know any details about this babe, let me give you some infos: she’s an English swimwear designer, television personality and actress, best known for her role in “Made in Chelsea”.

August 11, 2016 in


She’s lovely and cute! I cannot say that she’s porno, because Kimberley Garner doesn’t follow that style when it comes to her body and attitude, but I can say that she’s gorgeous and fitted to be loved. That thing on her head makes me think of hippies and that two piece bikini makes me wonder why I haven’t become a celebrity, to be able to have this type of babes in my bed.

It’s summer! Famous people will hit different fancy beaches from around the world. Kimberley is in St. Tropez … Eh, where else? When I see her standing on her hands, upside down, I just imagine the possibilities! She’s probably doing wonders in bed, like a damn gymnast, even if she isn’t one. This piece of ass is a swimwear designer, television personality, actress and who knows whatever else. Only 26 years old! I hope that she’ll keep her beauty!

July 22, 2016 in


English bombshell Kimberly Garner displays a great downblouse cleavage as she walks her dog in London a couple of weeks ago.

August 12, 2015 in


Kimberley Garner almost lost her bikini while doing a photo shoot in Barbados. Kimberly showed off her amazing body in different bikinis. Enjoy!

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