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April 11, 2017 in

Bella Hadid in a white thong bikini with her friends while on a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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April 6, 2017 in

Bella Hadid looking crazy hot in a thong bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It’s a shame the pictures are blurry. Either way, enjoy!

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April 2, 2017 in

Bella Hadid braless pokies in leather pants in New York.

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March 3, 2017 in

The beautiful and seductive Bella Hadid recently revealed her nipples, not to mention a majority of her boobs, in glorious fashion on the catwalk.

While at the Alberta Ferretti fashion show during Milan Fashion Week, the see-thru shirt she modeled on the catwalk left many drooling down their chins and stiffening in their pants at the sight.

Her perky boobs and near-flawless nipples were on show every bit as much as her clothes. One would be forgiven if they failed to notice the clothes at all, actually. Enjoy the high-quality pictures in the gallery below!

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February 24, 2017 in

It has been only a little time since we last saw Bella Hadid, but I sure missed her! I mean she has no appearance where here boobs or nipples aren’t showing. And I can clearly see why she is one of your favorites as well. Because her boobs are out of this world! Seriously, check out this gallery of the black & white photo shoot for V Magazine… Needles to say she looks sexy, that is not the word for the sight of a perfect boob, areola and nipple!

I also enjoy lingering over her smooth skin, that so beautifully glistens all oiled up… Imagine liking that body like a big ice cream! I can almost feel the silky texture on the tip of my tongue… I hope her ex is over her because this gallery is really “thought” provoking! She even has a few shots of her head to show she couldn’t care less about the sex vibes she sends out, she is hot no matter what.

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January 29, 2017 in

What did I just tell you?! Only a couple of days before we had our belle Bella Hadid showing nipples everywhere. I guessed then it was as a coping mechanism after her break-up, we all know how love hurts when you’re 20. I seem to be right, we have tits and nipples, boobs and nips and a stern face today as well. She wore a see thru dress at Dior Ball in Paris, I mean see through, we can read the brand of her undies. We could even read the small imprint “Made in a third world country” if we wanted, that transparent her dress was!

Good thing it had jewels sewn on otherwise we would be staring only at her nipples… Oh, wait a minute, but we do stare at her boobies! And not a single person could blame us for it. I have to give her credit for the great combo, the bare chest and the choker necklace, with an impenetrable face, she totally kicked ass! And by the end of the party she even smiled and laughed, take that, silly ex! ;)

December 19, 2016 in

Call back the 90’s, they sent a pair of pants to the future! Well it is no ordinary pair because Bella Hadid is wearing them. The supermodel went for a night out in New York City in tied up cowboy pants…I actually can’t tell what the hell is going on with her outfit… So I will let the trousers go and focus on her midriff.

Now that is a tiny waist! She looks like you could wrap her with one arm and if you squeezed her tight – she might just break! Such lovely and delicate features almost ruined by laces and weird fashion! She was on her game though with the one shoulder top, almost see through in the flash lights! So we still had a view of the shape of her nipple and boobs. And since she is a super model, that’s worth something! A sweet addition were her braided tails, that were as well reminiscent of the 90’s! If you prefer something else from Bella, don’t worry, we have her in our gallery multiple times and you can check her out here for example!

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December 13, 2016 in

My goth gosh! The people at Paper Magazine are boobs aficionados just like me. ;) They did their best to have Bella Hadid‘s boobs in almost every pic and we don’t mind! Let’s take it a bit slower and enjoy this gorgeous girl posing as the dark, quirky queen of our dreams. Her left nip is pierced by a bad ass nipple ring while she is staring perfectly in our eyes. Too bad we don’t stare back into her eyes… She then follows in a see through mesh of a dress, breasts blasting us! A hipster under boob is next, closely followed by a glam and mysterious cleavage… Whatever goes down there?!

A meritorious appearance of her chest is in a see thru corsage paired with a choker necklace and ponytails…they pressed so many buttons with this one I don’t even want to imagine what’s happening in your pants. And when you thought this was about Bella’s boobs, her ass cheeks appear at the top of very long legs undressed. Soft like a baby’s bottom! No wonder she is in our top preferences. Enjoy!

November 12, 2016 in

Bella Hadid braless, displaying pokies while out in Los Angeles.

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October 11, 2016 in


I keep singing “It’s your birthday” in my head and I forget, is it Bella’s or ours?… Those boobs are a perfect present for my birthday but the one celebrating is Bella Hadid in New York. This model has got me all worked up, we’ve seen her already a few times recently but we can’t get enough. How could we when her tits are that big – and she mainly goes braless?!

Well this time she had star shaped pasties over her nipples in a see through chain mail top that left nothing to imagination because it was all there! Just look at the perfect cleavage she has without any bra, if she wore one, her full round breasts would just pop! And not to mention her flat midriff or incredibly long skinny legs! She’s one hot model on a hot young party! It’s just amazing that she turned only 20 when she seems a lot more experienced. I guess that’s because she starred a lot of movies in my head and I regret nothing!

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September 22, 2016 in


Did you guys watch the New York Fashion Week last week? I looked intensely as I always do because these fashion designers have exceptionally good taste in undressing someone and calling it haute couture… Other reasons why I love fashion shows are the models and you can’t blame me! There is such a gorgeous display of women – young, tall, skinny, with cute faces and more importantly, wearing clothes you don’t normally see out on the streets.

Well one of my fav babes, Bella Hadid, wore such a skimpy little dress, made out of a sheer net with sparkles at the Marc Jacobs 2017 Spring Show. Forget the glitter guys, look closely because you can see through to some amazing boobies, with nips and all. Her name is Bella and I can’t believe it’s by accident, I mean look at those breasts, at that unsmiling face! She was named “Model of the Year” by GQ in 2016 and ranked Top 50 Models by June 2016. She is a ruthless big breasted model, my kind of model! Reign away Bella!

August 17, 2016 in


Welcome to the Paris edition of Vogue Magazine! Paris is a city in France, you ignorant! It has nothing to do with Paris Hilton or Paris of Troy. And this edition had Bella Hadid topless on its pages. Which means that it had one of the hottest woman to ever walk on this beautiful planet that we like to call Earth. I’m not kidding – her body is pure perfection and she has awesome shapes. The pic in which you can see her from the side should speak a thousand words about what I’ve just told you. I literally cannot find any flaws here … You heard me say that before, but how often?

I personally don’t give a damn about fashion, what she’s wearing and whatever other things regarding that. I’m here for her legs, tits, ass and other things that men love to see. Now go back to your chubby girlfriend!

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