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January 19, 2017 in

Brazil has always fascinated me and a great deal it has to do with its supermodels. In fact, Brasileiras are know to be hot blooded women that fill the beaches and the samba clubs. And Alessandra Ambrosio is no exception strutting hot and sexy on the beach in Canasvieiras, Brazil. Her good looking ass comes to us in a turquoise, thong bikini. The color compliments her tanned skin as she enjoys the last days of holiday.

She had quite a long and enjoyable holiday, but that’s something you can expect from one of the best paid models – In the world! Did I mention she is soon 36? Or that she has 2 kids? Alas, she does what needs to be done to keep her body in great shape since she gained world renown for her look. And that’s another thing to admire her for, she is committed to her work and proves to be a great business woman as well. Tonight though, I will be looking closer at her tits and ass rather than anything else…

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January 18, 2017 in

Who is a warrior queen?! A pure Amazonian? No one other than the Polish Joanna Krupa! My God I would let her tie me up and fuck me senseless! She looks so hardcore in that tiny bikini…even her nipples are hard! And the way she struts and paddles… OK, she knows she is so hot that she even strikes a few poses for us. But nothing compares with her spectacular ass! Maybe the camel toe visible in the lush green colored bikini!? She is a winner in my dreams tonight, not only at paddle boarding!

She had a lot of fun in Miami and made a few concessions to her loving fans, like that areola slip. Or pulling the bikini from her ass… Now that is how a model should look even at 37! She broke a few hearts on the cover of Playboy some years ago, but she is still making us jerk…uh, sorry, love her! Paddle away boyz!

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January 16, 2017 in

We last saw this hottie two months ago in Dubai in the gallery here, and this time she is on the beach in Sri Lanka. In fact, looking over her history in our gallery it seems she always chooses exotic destinations for her holidays. She has klass, she is Myleene Klass after all. A Bond girl in the making, she went for body-boarding in a ridiculously hot, red bikini. As she mounted and unmounted…the board we got to see the great shape of her tits and mound. Say what you want, but I’d trade places with that piece of plastic right about now…

Her ass is a completely amazing story in the ruffled bikini! She looks so toned and just – right, you know, you wouldn’t say she is 38 going on 39, and has two daughters. You also wouldn’t say she has no make-up on and she is all natural, having fun splashing water all around! Let me tell you that water is not what some of you will be splashing around after you check out the pics…

January 16, 2017 in

Just look at the pics below… I know we’ve seen Izabel Goulart before New Year’s Eve on holiday in St. Barts in a thong bikini here… But I seriously believe we have to see more of this girl! And she is in the same place, on the beach, in a dark pink bikini, looking absolutely amazing. The model, known for her work with Victoria’s Secret and other renowned brands, has a super hot body that she tanned beautifully. This only makes her skin even more enticing, smooth and glistening. It makes you wanna lick it… among other things…

Oh yeah, she deserves a good licking! And her boyfriend is nowhere in sight this time. We get to enjoy her great ass uninterrupted. In fact, she deserves uninterrupted time and attention from our part so we can discover even the slightest details of her body. For instance, the barely visible cameltoe, the curves of her boobs or the nice dimples on her lower back!

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January 9, 2017 in

Sunny Mexico gathers a lot of beauties during these cold, cold times! And one beauty we haven’t seen since late October is Chloe Goodman. Even her name gives her goodies away, she is a good one man! The „Ex on the beach” star stroke a few poses on a balcony and on a sidewalk just to show off her curves. I mean she clearly looked at the camera and into our souls..

She wore a pale purple and pink bikini with a visible cameltoe. Some of you might like that hint of a pussy more than the reveal of other parts of her body. But I must say, my eyes keep going to her great rack! Check out those boobs! Who said that the UK doesn’t have great exports?! In fact, her tits are big enough to feed a hungry mouth like mine… and leave some for others. Have your pickings!

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Looks like someone learned something from her last appearance on the beach. We last saw Lady Victoria Hervey in a white swimsuit here, exposing some titties and nipples. And since the internet liked it, here comes a new batch of pokies, in a one piece bikini, still on the beach in Barbados. She chose a bolder color and I must say that green look good on her tanned skin and blonde hair. Also an improvement from last time, her braids are almost loose and her head looks normal.

Her overall appearance is lovely, after all she is over 40 years old and her fame came in waves, to say the least… Kudos to her choice of swimsuit with all that cutouts and bikini shape that shows her ass as well. Not to mention the cameltoe from that tight bikini. I must say, for how skinny she is, her cameltoe is quite visible and enjoyable. She is also enjoying herself and dips into a little water fun while we dip closer to the screen…

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January 5, 2017 in

Hilary Duff showing off her nice ass and pokies in a two piece-bikini.

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January 5, 2017 in

Let me just start by saying that we regret the quality of the pics below but this was as close as the paparazzi could get to the hottie Kate Bosworth. They shot the pics at a great distance but I reckon you can see pretty well this beauty. She spends her vacation with her husband on the beach in Mexico. It is after all the end of the winter holidays, it’s only fitting she went somewhere warm.

And we are glad to see her sexy ass in a two-piece, red bikini. Kate is in her mid thirties but her body doesn’t show it. In fact, she could easily pass as a 20 something girl – with that skinny body of hers. She is lean and toned, with a sassy look about her, sunglasses on. I know she is best known for her blond hair, blue eyes angelic appearance and not her tits… But I must say, even though they are perky, they seem smaller than on the red carpet… Still, she looks great in a bikini and I’ll keep an eye on her chest just to be sure!

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Oh, snap! Just look at Victoria Silvstedt on holiday in St. Barts. This will be as straight forward as it gets! She has a great body – in fact „great” is talking down that body if you take into account that she is a whopping 42 years old hottie! She is in a tiny bikini and her curves are perfectly rounding up to big boobs and nice ass! A slight nipple peek is visible as her tits bounce in front of the cameras. The girl is not shy!

She is one of Sweden’s best exports, with a long and successful career. She started as Miss Sweden, continued as a Playboy Playmate – in several issues and magazines, if I may add – continued as a model, actress, singer, promoter, designer and presenter. She has so many endeavors I just hope I didn’t forget any. And if I did, I wouldn’t mind, because I want to keep my head occupied with her perfect cougar body…

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January 3, 2017 in

Happy New Year guyz! Hope you had a fantastic time and enjoyed yourself. If you didn’t get a chance to look at our offer, check out Mr.Skin here and you’ll be sure to have some fun! Meanwhile let’s look at the lovely Zoe Kravitz on the beach, in Miami. She was accompanied by her current beau, Karl Glusman and they even matched the color of their swimwear.

Of course, Zoe is way hot in the two-piece black bikini, all skinny and lean. What’s throwing me aback a little is her hair. I’ve learned she changed the color of her hair sometime in October, but she didn’t come by our gallery since. Too many hotties, too many slips, too little time just to shortly state why. ;) She is undeniably gorgeous, with extremely good genetics and good looking parents – hell, even her step-dad looks good! But this color on her makes me wanna stare below her neck… What do you think? In any case, I’ll keep an eye open fer her goodies and decide later…

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This time of the year, when celebrities hurry to warmer places, we are bound to have a mishap or two, and today we bring you one. It’s Lady Victoria Hervey‘s swimsuit malfunction! Even though it’s a bit too much to call some ladies celebrities, I won’t change the status-quo of their status now and leave lady Victoria to her fame. Meanwhile, let us focus on her nipple slip! She wore a white swimsuit on the beach, in Barbados, with a low-cut back and a deep-plunge cleavage. I guess her nip slip was because of that cleavage?! Unless it was staged, but it’s good either way!

Granted, she doesn’t have the best looking chest and her tits go towards the small sizes, but a tit is a tit and a nipple a nip! They deserve our love, it is after all the holiday season! I will overlook her braided hair as well, and put it on the Barbadian style she tried on. It is better to appreciate her strengths, like that mean ass or the cold nip that fought to escape to our screens! Good job, little guy!

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December 29, 2016 in

Santa got you another gift this year! It’s a bootylicious, crazy, good looking ass! You’ve seen the first pic, am I right?! Well that ass belongs to Izabel Goulart, a Brazilian model known best for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and with Armani! She is 32 but by all means she is hotter than a 23! Look at that perfect ass and tell me I’m wrong… I’m not! She was caught on camera on the beach in St. Barts where she spent her holiday with her boyfriend – lucky guy! Well, OK, he is also successful as a football player. Kevin Trapp is the German goal keeper for Paris Saint-Germain, but he sure scored big with Izabel!

Getting back to her, just look at that thong bikini! It’s knitted, colorful and tiny! Its sole purpose is to show off that booty and does an amazing job! She has not just a gorgeous body, but also silky, long locks and seems really fun! Perfect for our holiday dreaming…

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