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A thong bikini is a sight for sore eyes! That’s something I wanna wake up to every morning! Of course, it’s even better if Joanna Krupa is the one wearing it with those perfect boobs! She is on the beach in Miami in one hot blue bikini with hard nipples on display. Her wet hair look is also incredible, I have a feeling she knows she looks straight out of a boys’ magazine. She is everyone’s fapping dream so I’ve decided to dig even more and have her coming to our gallery the following days. Show some love and check her out and maybe you’ll see what you like even more. ūüėČ

This time most of her goodies are here for us, you can even see her cameltoe, not only the pokies! And I just love her standing with her mouth open the way she does, she is truly a porn star in my dreams! I can almost hear her moan and shout… I look forward to seeing her back soon, leave a sign for me below if you feel the same way!

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October 11, 2016 in


Bella Thorne is just your American girl, 19 and starting to show off her young body! She was out in Los Angeles braless with puffies on display! Her big nips were visible in the red top she wore, with no bra obviously. I love this young generation! I mean look at her, she is not even 20 and she has tattoos, walks with her boobs wild and free, in short jeans.

She reminds me of American Beauty, or maybe the cam porns with the girl next door!? Either one, she is simply delicious, like the lollypop her friend is licking! Hot, young and rebellious! We wish her a Happy Birthday as she celebrated her birthday only a few days ago and just hope she will have a long career so we can enjoy her even more! I’ve heard she is also “experimenting” with her boyfriend if you catch my drift, so who knows, maybe some slips will come our way rather sooner than later! Until next time Bella, and don’t keep us waiting!

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October 4, 2016 in


Well I just love a good cause and got really excited for the SlutWalk organised by the Amber Rose foundation in Los Angeles! I know, I know, when you first hear the name you think naughtier things go down, but it’s actually a get together of people¬†dressed up, strutting their¬†stuff and standing up for gender equality and other important things that this sexual generation encounters. You SEX¬†maniacs! ;)

Now you may say it’s a bit ironic of me to write about darling Kendra Wilkinson going braless and enjoying her boobies, but if you think about it, there is not a bigger fan of all lady parts in the world than me! And my adoring of pokies, huge boobs, ass, legs and the occasional pussy slip is a very important way of supporting these ladies. Kendra chose a see through-ish magenta¬†top, with a huge cleavage, but not huge enough for her incredible boobies! They look like they are about to pop! This girl is a classic blonde sex bomb and after you have had enough staring and you can check out her¬†sex tape [here] and be supportive of her cause… I know I am!

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September 29, 2016 in


These tits keep coming at me… Only the previous post is about gorgeous girls walking braless with hard nipples visible, and today we see Kendall Jenner fulfilling my wish. You know I’m talking true, I mean look at her and look at the girl behind, which one makes you happy on a simple walk? Go without bras ladies and bring happiness to the world!

Kendall was out and about in New York braless with her cute pokies staring at the passers by. Oh, wait, the passers by were staring at her like I am now! The 20 year old wore a minuscule top that showed her midriff, and with such a tiny waist it’s no wonder. Her 70’s inspired outfit also featured some striped pants with the zipper on the middle, so Kendall dear, pay attention to your pussy, we wouldn’t want you to zip it… We would actually love a pussy slip, not zip ;)

September 28, 2016 in


That’s what I am talking about! Imagine you are walking down the street and you see two perky tits and hard nipples going by you… surely your day will brighten. It’s impossible not to have a happy moment when you see Joanna Krupa going braless and proud in Los Angeles. Her pokies are enough of a sight, but Joanna rocks a mean body. She oozes lust and sexy vibes wearing only a simple pair of jeans and a top, hard nipples aside.

This girl has “FUCK” written all over her, I mean when someone is as hot in a simple outfit with light make-up on, you can bet she knows a couple of tricks in bed, bent or standing… I would like it if she took everything off, except high heels maybe, and keep a stern determination to exhaust the bejeezus out of me. But that’s just me thinking out loud, I trust you can paint your wet dreams reaaaaaally well. Joanna is a good fapping material, and you can always add more and check out another titalicious Polish girl here, you guessed, it’s …

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September 24, 2016 in

Selma Blair pokies in a black dress while out in LA with a friend.

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September 19, 2016 in


Oh my Hy, Hyland! Sarah… Sarah Hyland ladies and gentlemen! She’s staring at the camera and her pokies are staring at us, or¬†is it us who’s¬†staring at ’em tits? Rain or shine, I always love hard nipples, they show you the girl is determined! And so is Sarah going braless, at the Audi pre-Emmy party in West Hollywood. She is starring Modern Family, showing that she can also have a good laugh, not only a good fuck…

Here, she is wearing a silver metallic dress and no bra as anyone can see, but what is most¬†enticing is the way she looks at the camera: with her big doe eyes, going for an innocent look but with a cocky attitude! The pokies give her away, you can tell¬†the girl is naughty¬†and I bet you all, she is one wild pussycat! Born in the ’90s, this petite will tear up your sheets and your wet dreams! Next time,¬†we wouldn’t mind a side boob or a smooth camel toe, and we’ll party away!

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September 7, 2016 in


We will always have Paris and Jessica Alba! She is some sort of an immortal in the land of beauty and we will always think of her, in those quiet moments when we cannot fall asleep. This set was taken in NYC, with Jessica showing her pokies in a pink dress, while leaving the hotel, heading to the Today show.

Beautiful, full of life and sexy. Every spot on her body yells “SEX!” and she has one of the cutest faces I have ever seen, including Emma Watson and Kaley Cuoco. Did you knew that Jessica is also a businesswoman? Yes, she is! I have no idea what kind of businesses she’s doing, but I know that she takes her dose of adrenaline from different ventures. Search the web if you want to know more about this subject. My job here is to show you nasty stuff …

September 2, 2016 in

Kat Graham displaying pokies in a red dress in Los Angeles.

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Sexy pokies and cameltoe on a beach in Miami !! This should be enough to make you see this gallery like a crazy mofo. Still, I will describe these photos, to be more interesting. Diane Kruger? You know her? She’s a German actress and former fashion model. Her body looks kinky enough in that red swimsuit, but we cannot say that she is one of the hottest women you’ve seen. In another words: not at all! But still, she’s doable …

Known for roles such as Helen in the epic war film Troy (2004), Dr. Abigail Chase in the adventure/heist film National Treasure (2004) and its sequel (2007), Diane is famous world wide. Ask Wikipedia, it will tell you the same. I like that big booty! Big, round and perfect for a wet night. Wet as in sweat! Night as in sexual adventures! What can I say – Paris had good tastes!

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August 27, 2016 in

Jessica Alba wearing a pink dress, displaying nice pokies in NYC.

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Some will say that those tits are saggy! I love saggy tits! These type of breasts are soft in your hand and so great to feel them. I would give 10 implant titties on 2 saggy big bazookas. Unfortunately, the show biz is full of women made on the computer and in the surgeon’s office. What can we do …

Charlotte McKinney will always be sexy. It doesn’t matter what she will wear! Any type of clothes will fit on her and on that voluptuous body. I mean, look at those bikini and how her ass looks in them. The bra reveals her hard nipples (probably the wind & weaves on the Santa Monica beach). I would really like to see Charlotte running in swimsuit. I wonder how many men will gather around while she jogs. I’ll go get my snickers to start following her! Who’s with me, dirty little fappers? …

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