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September 24, 2016 in


Cross my heart and swear to die – if that isn’t Sofia Richie‘s nipple visible from a downblouse! This girl likes to go braless and that’s just fine by us! She had an interesting cleavage that let her boobs slip, her nipples showed up a couple of times in a short period of time while she was out shopping with a girlfriend in Los Angeles.

She threw in a peace sign to the camera, but we care most about her breasts saying “Hello!” to the world. I mean she can say it, she can sing it, she can go butt naked, her dad’s song can play in the background, only show us some love! And if she listened carefully to the lyrics, she should know that the answer to the question “Is it me you’re looking for?” is a definite YES! We are looking forward to seeing you more often in our gallery, maybe next time wearing a thong only? Just sayin’…

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September 24, 2016 in


Everyone’s favorite returns! Maitland Ward is celebrating the fall with a nice, almost nude, photo shoot in Los Angeles. I assume it’s a photo shoot because she celebrates everything with pics and side boobs, and all things naughty! This time we have a little nip slip, and a veeeeery extended cleavage, should we call it that! I mean this crazy chick is wearing only a coat, so does it count as cleavage if we can see her body all the way up and down?!

We can’t see everything though, her choice of panties is a black see through-ish lace. We can still guess or check out other posts here for a better focus on her gorgeous body parts! She went for a lovelier look this time, wearing a muffler that frames her face and brings out the ginger from her hair; but she knows what she’s doing and you can tell that by the way she is enjoying the camera! She’s a pro when it comes to stirring our groins just by looking intensely, maybe open her mouth a little just to let a warm breath out…

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September 10, 2016 in


Experts and scholars say that, in this gallery, we have a possible pussy lip slip. Hmm, who am I to say that it isn’t? Let’s go for it and let’s imagine that indeed we have seen Gaga’s toy. Now, leaving the jokes aside, I am pretty sure that we have a nipple slip! Definitely! An obvious one, front screen, for everyone to see. Very big nipple slip!

This set was taken at Schoenefeld airport in Berlin. I do not know what’s with the flowers. But I do know that she looks good in that pair of short jeans. Calling all jeans lovers !!! There are many of you who have a fetish for girls in jeans, so here you go, knock yourself out with Lady Gaga, her nipple, a (possible) pussy lip and some flowers. If you have a fetish with flowers too, please get professional help! I really mean it!


I should have called this article “Ass Shot In Venice”. It would have been so bohemian! Not kinky and not sexy, like Courtney’s big ass. Big as in hot, not fat. This girl is all about hotness and that is the one and only reason for which I have shared this gallery with you. As a bonus, you will also have a few areola slip pictures, besides that wet bikini going so great on her butt. The guy must be happy!

I find very chic that bandana on her head. And no, it’s not a rapper thing. Only rap fanatics think that. By the way, do you want to know her age? She’s 21. Some people would call her barely legal. Courtney Stodden is an American reality show contestant and at 16, she received widespread media attention after marrying then 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. It’s all about love and love-making …

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I have a bad mood today! Really bad! Well, there are days and days. What can we do … We can talk about Sharon Stone. She’s here, with a nipple slip, but since she is pretty old and her body is old too, we need to talk about her thinking of the old times when this little Hollywood princess was young, restless and hot. That scene she had in Basic Instinct is immortal. But who am I kidding – I would still do her. I would probably keep my eyes closed, but I would bang her if I had the chance. Who wouldn’t? It’s Sharon Stone, for damn sake …

The gallery was taken on a beach in Venice and as you can see, she had a bikini malfunction. Well, shit happens all the time. And that nipple slip could be accidental, indeed. Or maybe she wanted some attention?

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Christina Milian wearing a swimsuit while enjoying her vacation on a beach in Ibiza. At one point Christina suffered a bikini malfunction, displaying her nipple.

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Bella Thorne wearing a see through bra, through which her nipples are visible while in Rome.

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UK reality star Charlotte Dawson nipple slip and pantyless upskirt at Swimsuit USA International Model Search in Manchester. This is not the first time Charlotte showed a bit too much. But we don’t mind, right? Anyway, enjoy!

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July 5, 2016 in


Selena Gomez possible nipple slip at her Revival Tour Meet & Greet in Uncasville, Connecticut. I say it’s a nip. What do you think?


Sport’s Illustrated model Joy Corrigan did a sexy photoshoot in different bikinis and at one point she went topless on a beach in Miami.

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Ex on the Beach star Megan Rees displaying an upskirt and nipple slip while out with Deborah Mitchel in London. From what I see, Megan didn’t wear any panties but sadly we don’t have any pics showing her pussy (yet). Enjoy!

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June 10, 2016 in


Milla Jovovich nipple slip while doing a photo shoot for Vogue Magazine in New York.

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