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September 13, 2016 in


Deep cleavage! She’s perfect! I mean, look at those eyes! Look at her, overall! Look at that dress! And least but not least, look at her tits. Date her and you can die happy! This is Emily Ratajkowski at the celebrating event done by Harper’s Bazaar for “ICONS by Carine Roitfle” in New York City. Bla bla bla…

The more I see her face, the more I think of a fox. Foxy babe, this Emily. And I also like her hairstyle. She’s a model, what do you expect? These girls know what goes where and what is what! They know the good life and they know how to look exquisite when going out to attend big high-life events. We have them everywhere! And it’s a good thing, because this way we are able to refresh our eyes every single day by watching their photo sets. Enjoy this gorgeous gallery!

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July 8, 2016 in

Emily Ratajkowski naked but covered in Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot.

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Super hot babe Emily Ratajkowski topless photo shoot for Jacquie Aiche. Enjoy.

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March 22, 2016 in

Emily Ratajkowski topless but covered 2016 Jacquie Aiche photoshoot.

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Emily Ratajkowski did a nude photo shoot for Treats back in 2011. I know 4 years passed since the photo shoot, but I just came across these UHQ pictures. Enjoy!

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This dress has everything perfect about it, I mean just look at it! A killer color, short as much was allowed, a surgical cut out, a deep cleavage, a tit bedazzlement and last, but not least, Emily Ratajkowski in it! She wore it at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles and got a lot of people thinking hard, is that a nipple peeking in the last picture? I do hope so, but leaving hope aside, you’ve still got enough to lay your eye on! We also cannot decide which are fuller, her lips or her boobs? We think we want to ponder on this some more… Feel free to say what you think about it!

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April 9, 2015 in


What is Emily Ratajkowski doing to us? Is she trying to painfully torture us with a permanent hard on?! It is of course sweet torture, the kind only she can give to us! Photographer Jonathan Leder released a limited edition photobook featuring one of the hottest girls in town, actually one of my favorite, nude in a retro setting. Her big breasts  have a cute tan line, not to mention the suckable nipples, the cherries on some big tops! And then she turns her ass to the camera and let me tell you what a view it is! Worth of a limited edition photobook! There are other reasons for why she is in my top, and her look – her bitchy looking face, screaming she’s ready for it, is definitely a big one! This is a good day ;)

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March 19, 2015 in


Emily Ratajkowski… nuff said! Her deep cleavage is serious trouble, it made every shop assistant’s job very difficult! She strides seemingly unaware of her sexy look and our long stares ;) Her bra has also a very, very heavy duty, to support a pair of incredible full breasts! It is under a lot of tension and pressure, and we sure can help relieve some of that tension, can’t we?! Any volunteers?

Celebrity Sex Tapes
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