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September 26, 2016 in


Who’s a soccer fan?! Not me especially, but I’m a sucker for Claudia Romani even in a soccer Tee! Well the T-shirt is less important, she took it off eventually, but that was for our pleasing! I mean Claudia always delivers, she knows how to turn us on, and this time she chose a tiny thong bikini, so tiny her ass cheeks filled up my computer screen! The model also chose some indecent poses, she’s no saint! Would you just look at the way she leans over that tree?! Her back is arching beautifully, exposing that wide ass, perfect for spanking! She might have watched as many porns as we did cause she sure knows how to sit, spread or bend… A big fapping pause here…

We have a bonus – an areola slip in pic #3, and some provocative smiles every time she turned to the camera. The pics were taken somewhere around South Beach, where the model lives. Have any of you spotted Claudia there? If not, don’t be sad, just check out our gallery filled up with hot pics of Ms Romani! Here at celebrity-slips.com she has many fans, including myself! Go Claudia, go!

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January 19, 2016 in


It feels like too long since we’ve last seen Claudia Romani wearing a bikini, so it’s so nice to see her again. Here she is, wearing a blue-ish thong bikini. Enjoy!

May 26, 2015 in


Summer is here so Claudia Romani in bikini is here. Here she is, doing a photo shoot in a Park in Miami Beach, wearing a thong bikini. Enjoy!

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April 22, 2015 in


This is how a vegetarian model looks like! And she is also Italian! We know Italy is famous for salads and other healthy foods, but the reason we love the Mediterranean country is that it is home to gorgeous models like Claudia Romani. She may have moved to Miami, Florida, but those genes are European! Her ass is something we’d like to see more of, especially in this thong bikini! Of course she enjoys the camera, on and off her job, and she is taking a selfie while sticking her tongue out! We are pretty sure, she framed her tits as well – and why wouldn’t she when her breasts look perfect? – so the main focus might not be the tongue after all… We know what we’d check out first, given the option ;)

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March 20, 2015 in


Bootylicious, fruitylicious, or simply put: delicious! That is how we feel about Claudia Romani’s booty! The Italian model was at the beach in Miami exposing her good-for-grabbing ass in a number of sinful poses! She looks like she is having fun – as are we – and knows what are her best features! We have one regret though, couldn’t she have gone topless?! It would have done no harm to anyone… erm, OK, maybe to the faint-hearted at home, but seriously guys, you should be prepared for when a model goes to the beach!

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Celebrity Sex Tapes
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