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Her name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison, born 1992. People know her as Charli XCX. This is her code name, when she goes in the jungle with Arnold Schwarzenegger to hunt down the predator. Nah, I’m kidding, of course. You know I like to joke around when I write these articles. Why wouldn’t I when I have around so many hot babes? Charli XCX is a British singer, songwriter and actress. Mostly brunette. And most of the time hot as fuck. Big tits on this girl! She has no problem showing them! Like most of her co-fellow celebrity women, of course. Spoiler alert: she has no problem into letting you see what she has between her legs.

This gallery will give you one of the hottest cameltoes you’ve seen, in pink panties. Wait, there’s even more – her thong and pubes (in the first pic). All via a great looking upskirt. Oh, I forgot about the ass cheeks. I’m probably getting old or I’m too horny after seeing miss Aitchison.
She was performing at The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. And in our hearts, too.

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A thong bikini is a sight for sore eyes! That’s something I wanna wake up to every morning! Of course, it’s even better if Joanna Krupa is the one wearing it with those perfect boobs! She is on the beach in Miami in one hot blue bikini with hard nipples on display. Her wet hair look is also incredible, I have a feeling she knows she looks straight out of a boys’ magazine. She is everyone’s fapping dream so I’ve decided to dig even more and have her coming to our gallery the following days. Show some love and check her out and maybe you’ll see what you like even more. ­čśë

This time most of her goodies are here for us, you can even see her cameltoe, not only the pokies! And I just love her standing with her mouth open the way she does, she is truly a porn star in my dreams! I can almost hear her moan and shout… I look forward to seeing her back soon, leave a sign for me below if you feel the same way!

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Oh la la! Check out this Australian model and┬áactress, Olympia Valance on the beach in Mykonos! The “Neighbours” star was with her friend Camilla Ratliff having a great day! As good as it gets when your pal is oiling your ass! I mean what’s hotter than a hot ass in a thong bikini? But of course it’s oiling that sexy ass – by another girl… That’s almost every man’s dream while on the beach, am I right?! And there is enough ass to be oiled so we can stare a while…

I can’t believe this sexy thing is only 23, she has a gorgeous body┬ácomplete with an attitude.┬áWe’ve already seen Olympia [topless] but we can’t get enough of her! Not when she flaunts her body in a thong bikini, or when she bends over as she does – she surely loves the camera and you can tell just by looking at these photos. You’ve heard us, we can’t get enough of you, so please make a sex tape soon!

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I told you only yesterday about Kardashian sweet ass and look what we’ve got here: Kourtney Kardashian in a thong swimsuit on the beach in Miami… My God that’s one nice piece of ass! And the peach color of her swimsuit only brings out her tanned smooth skin. If you look closely, her ass has different shades of tan – so it’s good for her as well that she wears a thong from time to time, not only for our eyes and perv minds. Yeah, I’m talking about you pervs, I figure your imagination runs wild with hot Kourtney in your fantasies. My favorite though, is her sister, the one and only Kim – and she’s been in our gallery for a while and most recently only a week ago. So you can have your pick and leave a comment with your favorite Kardashian.

Getting back to Kourtney over here, just look at the way she leans and bends. I grant you, there is no camel toe but a fat squeezed pussy is still visible, the third benefit of wearing a thong bikini, yes siree! Let the fapping begin!

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September 26, 2016 in


Who’s a soccer fan?! Not me especially, but I’m a sucker for Claudia Romani even in a soccer Tee! Well the T-shirt is less important, she took it off eventually, but that was for our pleasing! I mean Claudia always delivers, she knows how to turn us on, and this time she chose a tiny thong bikini, so tiny her ass cheeks filled up my computer screen! The model also chose some indecent poses, she’s no saint! Would you just look at the way she leans over that tree?! Her back is arching beautifully, exposing that wide ass, perfect for spanking! She might have watched as many porns as we did cause she sure knows how to sit, spread or bend… A big fapping pause here…

We have a bonus – an areola slip in pic #3, and some provocative smiles every time she turned to the camera. The pics were taken somewhere around South Beach, where the model lives. Have any of you spotted Claudia there? If not, don’t be sad, just check out our gallery filled up with hot pics of Ms Romani! Here at celebrity-slips.com she has many fans, including myself! Go Claudia, go!

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September 10, 2016 in


Is this for real? Is this a usual day for Kimberley Garner? Daaaaaamn, daaat ass! Dude, WTF! She’s so hot! That upskirt makes me write stupid stuff in this article. Hmm, let’s calm down! So you know Kimberley. She’s that girl who’s into swimwear design and who’s a television personality, actress and socialite. And you also know that she is drop dead gorgeous.

Supposedly, Kimberley was out shopping in St. Tropez. Ass flashing, showing the booty, upskirt in the air! What can I say – St. Tropez has a way of exposing people. I hope that one day she will be out shopping on my street, too. In the summer, of course, cause I don’t really want to see her with a lot of clothes on. Oh, another thing. As I said before, I’m not into fashion, but I can say that I like her roman-like sandals. Good girl this Kimberley!

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September 10, 2016 in

Monica Bellucci naked in the pool in Paris Match Magazine.

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Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough, and Milissa Sears flash their bare asses.

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August 24, 2016 in


Ariel Winter is an American actress and voice actress. But that’s not what you want to hear and know about this babe, right? You have to know the women you like, it makes the package complete. Ariel should be known for her shapes. That ass is not something that you can see everyday. Or those ass cheeks! Or that deep cleavage!

The gallery was taken at the 4th annual Just Jared Summer Bash, in Beverly Hills. And that body was made under the mercy of God! And some plastic surgeons, of course. And a lot of makeup! And fine clothes! And whatever … But hell, so what? I want my lady to look as good as possible, even if this means to have artificial things on her! Natural, my ass! Let’s get back to Ariel. I don’t know what you’re looking for or if you share my opinion, but she’s hot. Enjoy.

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August 15, 2016 in


I love brunettes. Period! A brunette looks more exotic, if you ask me. Sure, I love them all, as long as they are hot, but if I need to choose, I would go home with the one that has dark hair. Like Ariel Winter. And when she’s showing that latina-type ass, who could say no? And why would anyone say that? …

Many of you have a fetish for short jeans, right? Well, it means that these galleries will make you jiggle – big ass cheeks in such a sexy pair of ripped jeans. Headshot !! As you probably already noticed, in this article you will be able to enjoy two sets of pics. Both galleries have been taken in the same day. Ariel Winter loves to walk around dressed like this. Well, when you’re hot as hell, you can go outside wearing that without any problem. How many girls can do that?

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Katy Perry showing a deep cleavage and ass.

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June 11, 2016 in


British actress and TV personality Lisa Vanderpump (55) wearing a see through top and no bra at Craig’s in West Hollywood.

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