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Whoa, damn girl! The crazy lipstick scared me there for a second, but I’m fine now. I saw some incredible boobies and I regained consciousness :) Gigi Hadid was modelling the Fendy Fashion Show in Milan in see through dress. What am I saying, that’s a sheer dress, as sheer as they can make ’em! We can see thru her boobs and nips, and all the goodies! Unfortunately some pink flowers covered her other interest zone, you what I’m talking about – her pink pussy! Except for that lipstick, she looks delicious fruitylicious, with candy like boobies.

Good genes run in this girl’s family, I mean you remember her sister, Bella Hadid. She also modeled a see thru dress last week and showed her tits. Should we make a competition, which sister has the best looking breasts? Your vote, but at least we should be grateful to all the designers out there who make good use of sheer and see through materials. When are you ladies going to take fashion to the streets?! I’m dying to see all the ladies walking down the street with bouncing breasts and perky nips!

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September 26, 2016 in


So you know that the Emmy Eve Party took place a week or so ago and guess who we see over at Arrivals in Los Angeles? Why of course it’s Megalyn Echikunwoke…yes, I paused a bit and gave up. I don’t have the patience to spell her name since she’s braless, in a see through black dress. Why would you when you could gaze and squint your eyes to see some dark nipples completing those freed up boobs!

Megalyn wore a black mesh dress, ranging from transparent to see through knots and the whole ensemble was completed by a sassy make up and chilling looks! She acted so cool, like we weren’t able to see her boobies a little bit spread away… This babe is surely a dominatrix, fulfilling your wildest dreams – or spanking you until you cry out! Her half turned pose showed a big round booty that makes me wonder, what else can she do with dat ass?! Put it to good use and give us some sugar! ×o×o

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Who’s a soccer fan?! Not me especially, but I’m a sucker for Claudia Romani even in a soccer Tee! Well the T-shirt is less important, she took it off eventually, but that was for our pleasing! I mean Claudia always delivers, she knows how to turn us on, and this time she chose a tiny thong bikini, so tiny her ass cheeks filled up my computer screen! The model also chose some indecent poses, she’s no saint! Would you just look at the way she leans over that tree?! Her back is arching beautifully, exposing that wide ass, perfect for spanking! She might have watched as many porns as we did cause she sure knows how to sit, spread or bend… A big fapping pause here…

We have a bonus – an areola slip in pic #3, and some provocative smiles every time she turned to the camera. The pics were taken somewhere around South Beach, where the model lives. Have any of you spotted Claudia there? If not, don’t be sad, just check out our gallery filled up with hot pics of Ms Romani! Here at celebrity-slips.com she has many fans, including myself! Go Claudia, go!

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September 24, 2016 in

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This fall calls out for some hot brunettes! But the deal I have for you is beyond fall fantastic! You already know I love breasts as they come, but like many others I have a special place in my heart for the big ones, the ones you can cover your face with and still have some tits left!

So the good people over at Mr. Skin turned all stones and prepared for us The Hottest Busty Brunettes for only $4/mo, a gallery of big breasted celebs to die for, all natural package! I’ll name a few that pop in my eyes and make me beyond happy just for you to get an idea: EMILY RATAJKOWSKI, SALMA HAYEK, or MONICA BELLUCCI. And the list goes on, so for your own health you better check out the hottest busty brunettes at Mr. Skin! Don’t forget about the special price for this natural boobies collection…

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Cross my heart and swear to die – if that isn’t Sofia Richie‘s nipple visible from a downblouse! This girl likes to go braless and that’s just fine by us! She had an interesting cleavage that let her boobs slip, her nipples showed up a couple of times in a short period of time while she was out shopping with a girlfriend in Los Angeles.

She threw in a peace sign to the camera, but we care most about her breasts saying “Hello!” to the world. I mean she can say it, she can sing it, she can go butt naked, her dad’s song can play in the background, only show us some love! And if she listened carefully to the lyrics, she should know that the answer to the question “Is it me you’re looking for?” is a definite YES! We are looking forward to seeing you more often in our gallery, maybe next time wearing a thong only? Just sayin’…

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Everyone’s favorite returns! Maitland Ward is celebrating the fall with a nice, almost nude, photo shoot in Los Angeles. I assume it’s a photo shoot because she celebrates everything with pics and side boobs, and all things naughty! This time we have a little nip slip, and a veeeeery extended cleavage, should we call it that! I mean this crazy chick is wearing only a coat, so does it count as cleavage if we can see her body all the way up and down?!

We can’t see everything though, her choice of panties is a black see through-ish lace. We can still guess or check out other posts here for a better focus on her gorgeous body parts! She went for a lovelier look this time, wearing a muffler that frames her face and brings out the ginger from her hair; but she knows what she’s doing and you can tell that by the way she is enjoying the camera! She’s a pro when it comes to stirring our groins just by looking intensely, maybe open her mouth a little just to let a warm breath out…

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Selma Blair pokies in a black dress while out in LA with a friend.

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Keira Knightley posing nude for art.

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Jessica Simpson in a see through to bra top while out in New York.

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Did you guys watch the New York Fashion Week last week? I looked intensely as I always do because these fashion designers have exceptionally good taste in undressing someone and calling it haute couture… Other reasons why I love fashion shows are the models and you can’t blame me! There is such a gorgeous display of women – young, tall, skinny, with cute faces and more importantly, wearing clothes you don’t normally see out on the streets.

Well one of my fav babes, Bella Hadid, wore such a skimpy little dress, made out of a sheer net with sparkles at the Marc Jacobs 2017 Spring Show. Forget the glitter guys, look closely because you can see through to some amazing boobies, with nips and all. Her name is Bella and I can’t believe it’s by accident, I mean look at those breasts, at that unsmiling face! She was named “Model of the Year” by GQ in 2016 and ranked Top 50 Models by June 2016. She is a ruthless big breasted model, my kind of model! Reign away Bella!

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I have a thing for breasts, I mean they come in so many shapes and sizes, with pointy nipples, pink areolas, perfect for grabbing, cupping, massaging, they are playful and mischievous and they make me go crazy! I mean, daaaaamn Stella Maxwell, your cheeky tits are perfect for a little suckling!

She is fashion model, actually an angel of Victoria’s Secret for a lot of reasons, great boobs aside! I admire her fashion sense as well, it takes some guts to wear any piece of garment wrapped and tied only around your waist, and her attire was bound to let a boob slip. Well – slip, show for an extended period of time, call it what you want, I care that we saw her nipple also, while she attended the Love Magazine party in London. I think she won’t forget this party soon after having this wardrobe malfunction, but bet on it, I won’t either! And neither will the internet – if you approve just holler in the comments section below.

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September 21, 2016 in


Well hello there! This is Kim Kardashian saying a big hello to the world from Miami in this totally see through top! I’m not even sure if I should call it see through or transparent because her nips are visible as day light, her boobs stand up and proud – and what good looking breasts they are! Too bad her long locks covered her tits while walking because there are only a few things in this mad world better than bouncing tits, and her bossom is one bouncing champion!

We’ve been seeing a lot of Kim lately and that is not bad since she is one smoking hot mamma! I mean check out dat ass, those tits! Where else can you see better ones? Well nowhere other than her sex tape… if you didn’t know she had one, you can check it out here! It will satisfy your afternoon dreaming and maybe turn you into a fapping freak at the office! ;) no worries, we’ve all been there!


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