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Her name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison, born 1992. People know her as Charli XCX. This is her code name, when she goes in the jungle with Arnold Schwarzenegger to hunt down the predator. Nah, I’m kidding, of course. You know I like to joke around when I write these articles. Why wouldn’t I when I have around so many hot babes? Charli XCX is a British singer, songwriter and actress. Mostly brunette. And most of the time hot as fuck. Big tits on this girl! She has no problem showing them! Like most of her co-fellow celebrity women, of course. Spoiler alert: she has no problem into letting you see what she has between her legs.

This gallery will give you one of the hottest cameltoes you’ve seen, in pink panties. Wait, there’s even more – her thong and pubes (in the first pic). All via a great looking upskirt. Oh, I forgot about the ass cheeks. I’m probably getting old or I’m too horny after seeing miss Aitchison.
She was performing at The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. And in our hearts, too.

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October 24, 2016 in


Daaaamn! She slipped it, bro! I mean, come the BEEP on! Wanna tell me that this was an accident? It is an accident when you have ugly tits, saggy, whatever the hell, but when you have such beautiful breasts, you want the whole word to see them! So don’t sell me shit, cause I cannot believe it. This is not an ordinary nipple slip from Lizzie Cundy, but an on-purpose thing.

She’s braless, dude, at a party In London done by PINK Ribbon Foundation – the pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness! WTF, Lizzie? You want people to see how healthy your boobs are? In the end, who cares? We’ve seen the nip, we’ve seen the “WOW!” on her face, we are satisfied! Real men want to see titties everywhere and these celebrities know that! They should also know that real women swallow! Heh, just kidding … (Or not?).

October 22, 2016 in

Rachael Cook topless photo shoot in a bath tub.

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October 22, 2016 in

Model Hannah Ferguson covered nude in Maxim Magazine.

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A thong bikini is a sight for sore eyes! That’s something I wanna wake up to every morning! Of course, it’s even better if Joanna Krupa is the one wearing it with those perfect boobs! She is on the beach in Miami in one hot blue bikini with hard nipples on display. Her wet hair look is also incredible, I have a feeling she knows she looks straight out of a boys’ magazine. She is everyone’s fapping dream so I’ve decided to dig even more and have her coming to our gallery the following days. Show some love and check her out and maybe you’ll see what you like even more. 😉

This time most of her goodies are here for us, you can even see her cameltoe, not only the pokies! And I just love her standing with her mouth open the way she does, she is truly a porn star in my dreams! I can almost hear her moan and shout… I look forward to seeing her back soon, leave a sign for me below if you feel the same way!

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October 19, 2016 in


She’s Australian but on this Greek island she truly is an Olimpian! A bikini goddess on the beach in Mykonos, she is no one other than Olympia Valance! Huh, she even has the name! The 23 years old actress and model likes to be a star in her own rights, she feels like she left her half-sister’s shade, Holly Valance, and is making a name for herself. Well welcome to the spotlight!

We like your name, your face, your number – that is bra size! And booty size! And whole body! If I remember correctly, we saw her on the same island a few days ago right here and she looked as hot as ever. She likes her sun, and maybe even a little exposure to the cameras?! That’s one way to build a name for yourself…if you want that kind of reputation. I can’t say we would mind that, not at all! You have the boobs and ass to go to our top preferences, just slip ’em out!

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October 18, 2016 in


I wanna praise the people at 138 Water, they keep delivering hotties after hotties! Now it’s Kaili Thorne‘s turn in this Malibu photo shoot. She wears a nice bikini and other things but by far my favorite is the white see through T-shirt! What ever happened to the good old fashion wet T-shirts? It’s a good thing they remembered and she didn’t put on a bra! How else could we see thru to those nipples?

Her name means something like whisper of the ocean in Hawaiian and she lives up to it, she looks amazing by the water, in the water or wet! Simply wet, that’s how I like ’em… She shares good looking features and cool names with her sister, Bella Thorne. If you need a little refreshing if your memory you can check her out here. And you could play a game of look and compare, we have the right gallery for you! There is nothing like a sisters’ competition…maybe a wet sisters’ one!

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October 17, 2016 in


Let’s all give a round of applause and show our support for Shailene Woodley in light of her recent arrest! That said, we should also applaud her choice of cleavage, a deep one, at the Global Green 20th Anniversary Awards in Los Angeles. I’m not sure, you might need a second look at her boobs, but isn’t that her pink areola just showing on the side? Yeah it is! Way to go Shailene!

I love her choice of hairdo, the simple make up and her perky tits! I keep saying that going braless is the winning choice and this dress shows it! We’ve seen her recently in our gallery with another deep cleavage so that gives her away, she is hot and she knows it! We appreciate you coming back to our gallery, but wouldn’t it be nice you showed us a little more? A full nipple or – hell, maybe a tit soon? Still, have our love and support Shailene! xoxo

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October 16, 2016 in

Asset 4fdf9aac.

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Do you remember that song: “I love big butts and I cannot lie!”? Well I do! And Anais Zanotti has a big booty showing in the thong bikini she wore by the poolside in Miami. Can you believe this model is 30 years old?! Her European ancestry might have something to do with her exceptionally good genes.

She appeared on the cover of 35 magazines and in a few ones as well, you know, in the middle where the goodies are… Her ass cheeks are so plump and peach-like! I actually imagine a big peach, soft and squishy when I think about how her ass would feel… And when you look up bit by bit you can see she has toned abs and a full chest. Her breasts barely fit the white bra. All in all she is as close to perfection as you can come! Just perfect to pour a peach champagne all over her and start sipping from everywhere you can…

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October 15, 2016 in

Polish model Sandra Kubicka nude in Treats Magazine.

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October 15, 2016 in

Model Rachel Cook poses topless for a lingerie photo shoot..

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Celebrity Sex Tapes
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